We are so excited to see so many people joining the X Challenge and committing to a healthier lifestyle. To all our participants we just want to say, we couldn’t be prouder for your achievements!

As you already know, for January, February and March, ORGANO™ is running another contest on top of the rewards you can earn through the X Challenge: The Shake It Off contest with all the FENIX™ Kits being up to 30% off.

Now that the first two months of 2018 of the year are over, we are happy to announce the winners of January and February, and we want to say congratulations to them, on behalf the whole OG Family, on meeting their weight loss with the aid of OGX FENIX™!

Diana Salinas and Michelle Thomassen signed up for the X Challenge at www.X4ever.club and recorded their weight and testimonials weekly in our community. Thanks to their perseverance, they are now the winners of a $500 e-gift voucher from a department store near them!

Diana Salinas


Thanks to the X Challenge, Diana dropped 15 pounds in one month. She describes the challenge as a blessing, as it helped her to stay focused once she made the decision of taking care of herself.

For Diana, the most challenging step of the X Challenge was switching her meals to match a healthier lifestyle; but thanks to her OG FENIX™ she was able to overcome this difficult part. Her plan substituted a meal of the day for a FENIX™ Shake accompanied by an OG Black Coffee. Apart from that, she knew it was important to cook healthy food options and be constant when having her meals and snacks.

To everyone in the X Challenge Diana advices: “Keep going! It’s a long process, but it brings awesome rewards. Not any company motivates you and rewards you for your efforts; that’s why I love OGX!”

Congrats Diana for winning the January Shake It Off Challenge! We are proud of your accomplishments and of the way you are taking good care of your body.

Michelle Thomassen


Michelle dropped 13 pounds since she joined the X Challenge with us. She described OGX FENIX™ as life-changing, as it has helped her build more confidence and consistency in reaching her goals.

Michelle had initially dropped 10 pounds, which she recovered again due to lack of exercise, stress eating, and an unhealthy diet. The X Challenge brought back to her the energy she needed to overcome that obstacle and this time she decided to follow her goals to the end.

Her new daily routine consists of taking one or two FENIX™ Shakes a day plus at least a glass of FENIX™ XT or DX. During UTX she dropped three pounds, and she is now happy, as she feels getting fit has helped her to keep up with her son and to take better care of him.

For everyone trying to find their FENIX™ with OGX, Michelle advices: “Don’t give up. Even if you have to start all over again.”
Congratulations, Michelle, for winning the February Shake It Off Challenge! Your story show how important it is to believe in second chances!

For everyone in the X Challenge, don’t give up! We know you can achieve your goals.

For everyone else, we highly encourage to join the X Challenge today! The deadline for the chance to win a whole new wardrobe closed on March 2nd, but keep tuned to hear about our upcoming promotions! You will still receive the all the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and the traditional  OGX™ merchandise from the X Challenge!

On top of the fantastic rewards and contests, it’s cheaper than ever now to get started with the X Challenge. Until March 31, 2018,  the Shake It Off Promotion gives you up to 30% off the OGX FENIX™ kits.

Along with all the great products in each kit, the OGX FENIX™ are supported with meal and exercise plans to keep you on track. It’s easy and affordable to live the X4Ever lifestyle!

Get started today by signing up at www.X4ever.club  Your body and wallet will thank you!



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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