Are you ready to watch the Oscars on March 4th?
In ORGANO™, we are letting our movie craze show out this month and are already betting on this year’s winners. Now that we’re promoting weight loss with our X CHALLENGE, we came up with our own AWARDS! So today, we bring you the ORGANO™ nominees for actors who undoubtedly would have signed up to the XChallenge to reach their (far from healthy) weight goals for a movie role.

Tom Hanks

During the pre-production of Castaway, Tom Hanks gained 50 lbs for his role as a FedEx executive. After his plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, his character spends the next four years of his life in a not so dreamy tropical island. To impersonate a real castaway, Tom dropped a total of 55 lbs in four months.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone impersonated Billie Jean King in The Battle of the Sexes. To fit the role of this famous tennis player, Emma went to an extreme weight lifting routine that helped gain 15 pounds of muscle in three months.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale has gone through several extreme body transformations throughout his career. Maybe the most impressive one was when he lost 63 lbs in four months for his role in The Machinist. After finishing the production, he gained 220 pounds of muscle in five months for the production of Batman Begins.

Renee Zellweger

In Bridget Jones Diary, Renee Zellweger had to gain 30 lbs to impersonate her character in the movie. As if this wasn’t enough, after recovering her ideal weight, the actress had to go gain those 30lbs again for the sequel of the film that came three years later, and a third part that happened ten years after that.

Matthew McConaughey

In The Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey dropped 35 lbs to portray the role as an HIV patient. With a rigorous diet, he lost fat and muscle to the rate of 7lbs a week making him extremely hungry and irritable throughout the whole production.

Which of this actors would you vote for?

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Please be aware that these actors were offered millions of dollars to go through these painful changes. So, unless you have a 100% of chances of being nominated for an Oscar, use your FENIX™ products wisely and don’t try to replicate at home these extreme weight losses that actors did for work.


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