Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special someone? If you’re still not sure about what to do, ORGANO has you covered with some date ideas that are not only fun but will also help you stick to your goals of living the X4ever Lifestyle.

Go outside

Winter brings the chance of new adventures. If your couple and you like the outdoors, this is the perfect chance to explore somewhere new. Go biking, hiking, or take advantage of the season and go skiing or snowshoeing.

Or stay indoors

If you can’t take the cold, there’re still tons of ideas to keep active indoors. Test your flexibility by enrolling in a yoga class, take advantage of the date and enroll in dancing lessons, or you can even get competitive and challenge each other at bowling or wall climbing.

Make a shake tasting bar

The OGX Nutritional Shakes offer you versatile flavors to create your favorite blend. Discover the many healthy recipes we have to make smoothies and shakes, or get creative and make your own. Make a testing bar at home together and decide together which recipe is your favorite.

Prepare the perfect dinner

Surprise your partner with a delicious and healthy meal. You can grab some recipe ideas from our blog — including mushroom-based meals, pasta, seasonings, and desserts — to end the day without feeling you cheated on your weight control resolutions.

Are you ready to have an unforgettable Valentine’s date? Power up the day by getting more energy for less, with our OGX FENIX kits now 30% off!



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