Though everyone’s goals this year is to start or keep leaving a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably noticed that not everyone enjoys going to the gym. If you’re amongst those people that don’t enjoy places with a high volume of people, get bored quickly, or are just looking for another type of workout, here are some alternatives kickstart your path on the X4ever Lifestyle.


A fun way to kickstart a healthier life that will not only benefit your body but also your brain. Dancing can burn between 190 to 450 calories per hour and improve your motor coordination, not to mention you’ll be strengthening your social skills if you do it with a partner.


Enroll in a water aerobics class or train by yourself by doing swimming laps. Exercising in the water offers a great low impact alternative for those looking to build up some strength while taking care of their joints.


Improve your coordination, strengthen your muscles, and exercise while fun with a team. Bowling can burn up to 300 calories an hour and is also an excellent activity for those looking to get out of the house and expand their social circle


Benefit your mind and body by kickstarting a new wellness routine. Yoga will improve your flexibility and strength and can help you reduce your anxiety levels, improving your mental well-being.

Wall climbing

If you’re interested in getting more adventurous in your sports, indoor wall climbing is the perfect place to start. Not only this activity brings you all the benefits of cardio and strength workouts. It will also improve your range of motion and help you enhance your brain functions.

Keep leaving the X4ever Lifestyle this winter with these indoor activities and record your fitness achievements in the X Challenge to win amazing prizes with the Shake It Off contest!



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