It’s that time of the year! We’re thinking about new classes, lessons and finding the best way to learn and make the most of our study time. Well, ORGANO offers a key tool to better concentration and performance in the classroom: CTS90 powered by NeuroTracker

CTS90 powered by NeuroTracker taps into cognitive functions that can help students improve their attention, focus, and receptiveness to learning. Learn more about its benefits for you or your kids!

Why use CTS90 for education?

No matter your age, CTS90 is designed to make the most out of your cognitive patterns to excel at challenging tasks. Some of the benefits you, your kids and family can get from CTS90 are:

Improves focus and attention

CTS90 boosts attention, challenging those learning difficulties we may have with some topics or disciplines. By re-configuring the way we learn, CTS90 supports improvement in academic outcomes and helps create a good disposition and environment for learning.

Improves Academic Performance

It’s demonstrated that 90 minutes of CTS90 training helps increase cognitive abilities, providing robust gains in sustained attention and extended mental focus for kids and teenagers. 

Improves Memory

Working memory sees a substantial increase by using CTS90 a few minutes a day. This type of memory is vital when receiving information, retaining it, and using it later when we’re solving problems or dealing with complex situations.

Is CTS90 apt for my kids?

CTS90 has no age restrictions! So you can rest assured that your kids will make the most out of this proven cognitive training system. You must take into account that proficiency at training increases with age and it’s helpful to consult a specialist to determine the correct training plan for the little ones.

Challenge your limits and reach your true potential with CTS90 powered by NeuroTracker! Its applications go beyond education too: sports, business, military training and much more.


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