All too often we want to know the secret or shortcut to lose weight. It’s what I get asked more than anything in my current fitness efforts. How did you do it? What is the trick? More often than not when I tell people it took effort, self-control and some time, most are disappointed because they only wanted to know what the “magic pill” kind of answer was.

Sure there are things you can do to see quick changes in your weight, and some of that is a great way to kick off a long-lasting effort. So I love challenges, short-term corrections to eating habits or fitness efforts as a catalyst. Motivation is a good thing. But be sure it’s part of a bigger effort, and that you have your underlying WHY to push you to make lifelong changes for the better.

With that in mind, here are my top 5 “secrets” to losing weight. These more than anything else were a backbone to my losing over 50 pounds in just over 2 months of focused effort that became the foundation for my #X4life change.

Eat less. Better portion sizes

This is always my biggest and hardest one to remember. I love food, especially food full of great flavors. My wife is a great cook, and I love those good foods. I have to admit it, then learn how to still enjoy that wonderful relationship with some control. Whenever I’ve put on some weight in my life I can quickly point to my habit of eating too much at each meal. By limiting portions to single, more appropriate sizes I can always see the results within days. Your body will revolt at first having been used to the overeating habit, but it usually only takes a few days until your appetite and feeling of being full on less food become familiar again.

Make better food choices

This is another big one. How often do you pick the quick and easy foods out of convenience or a lack of time to prepare better foods? Fast food and prepared foods are the bases of our society’s obesity problem. It does take a little more thought and effort to eat better foods, but it’s well worth it. I know a bag of carrots or a handful of peanuts doesn’t sound nearly as appealing as the donuts in the break room for a snack, but we all know what’s better for us. Fill your plate first with the salad or veggie options at dinner, then add a smaller amount of the entree to reduce calories and still get full. It’s ok to have those good foods too, just consider the proportions and choose to find the right balance.

Move more

It doesn’t usually take a big change to reap some benefits of getting movement. You don’t have to go to that high-intensity cardio at the local gym right out of the gates to get healthier. You might build up to something more, but at first just get moving. Go out on walks. Park further away from the office or the store. Take a bike ride periodically. Just get moving.

Go beyond. Do more each day, week or month

Build on new improvements. Start small enough that you can find success and be consistent. Only when you make those new changes everyday habits, then you can start to build on them. Go a little further on those walks is a great way to start. Eating healthier starts to feel better and better as you do it. Once you’ve improved portion sizes, then try out new and better foods that you might have not been willing to try before. Implement FENIX into your healthier eating and replace a meal. Stretch yourself and do a little more.

Be accountable

One of the best ways to find success is to be accountable not only to yourself but to others. Your close friends and loved ones want to see you succeed and will help us if we are willing to let them. Share your goals with them and ask for help. It takes humility and a commitment to succeed. Be a part of a larger community like the X4Ever community on Facebook and share your efforts. Be willing to share the ups and downs as part of your accountability. We don’t always succeed, but with accountability and being willing to make new goals and keep moving forward we will find success.

There are so many other ways we can find success, but if you start with these 5 basic principles you can find success in your efforts to lose weight and become healthier. Even if you’ve already lost the unwanted weight and are focusing on good health, these same principles can apply. Use them repeatedly and come back to them in your efforts.

Share this message and your commitment to your personal social media accounts now and commit to becoming even better in whatever ways you need today. Together we lift each other up and find success in a collective effort.


— Jeremy Hall



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