The pre-workout is just as important as your workout itself! Getting your body ready for all the calorie-burning, muscle exertion and sweating is a vital part of making it more effective. 

Today OGX brings you a series of suggestions on foods and supplements you can add to your pre-workout to make things roll smoother:

Nuts and Dried fruit

You need energy, specifically from carbohydrates and you can find those in nuts, cashews and dried fruits such as cranberries, mango, and bananas. They are easy to digest and don’t have any added sugar, so you can rest assured that your sweets are always natural.

Grapeseed Oil

This extract from the seeds of grapes is the perfect source of Linoleic acid to support good health and antioxidants. When you workout, the oxidation process speeds up and this supplement is helpful at keeping your vitamin E levels in check for a youthful and energetic workout.


Fiber is another essential ingredient in your pre-workout routine. Oats is the ideal meal, not only because it gives you the carbohydrates to support your body’s energy, but it also provides Vitamin B that helps in the synthesis of new cells and helps your metabolism. 

Shakes or Smoothies

Our FENIX shakes and any natural smoothie you can make with fresh fruit is a great way to boost your training routine. These are easy to digest, provide a healthy dose of protein and keep you hydrated. 


Who would’ve thought?! Getting a latte or a simple black coffee can help you with a shot of energy thanks to the caffeine in it. You can pair this with an apple for a good source of fiber and additional carbs. 

These simple foods and supplements can play an important role in the success of your daily routine! Give them a shot and let us know how they go for you on our social media channels. And don’t forget to get your FitKit on our Shake it Off promo! #X4Ever



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