This is the season to make new resolutions and we’re sure that getting fit might be one of them. Well, in order to inspire you, we have some incredible transformations to share with you!

Meet the #X4Ever participants from Mexico that shook off some weight, gained some muscle or simply achieved particular goals they wanted to attain to look and feel their best. Each one of them committed to a healthier and more dynamic lifestyle and you can do it too by joining our X Challenge with OGX!

Diana Ramírez: 25 kg lost

Luis Ramírez: 10 kg lost

Salvador Quijano: 18 kg lost

Mary Díaz: 10 kg lost

Óscar Pérez: 12 kg lost

Rafael Cuevas: 14 kg lost

Antonio Huazo: 11 kg gained in muscle mass

Brenda Alegría: 30 kg lost

Marco Mendez: 25 kg lost

Miguel Rodríguez: 4 kg gained in muscle mass

Daniel Rodríguez: 4 kg gained in muscle mass

Angélica Martínez: 5 kg lost

Ciria Juárez: 18 kg lost

Micaela Hernández: 10 kg lost

Sandra Ramírez: 13 kg lost

Karen Ramírez: 3 kg gained in muscle mass

Fátima Flores: 2 kg gained in muscle mass

Iván Sánchez: 8 kg lost

Edith García: 5 kg lost

Víctor Muñoz: 12 kg lost

Paty Martínez: 10 kg lost

Mario Ángeles: 24 kg lost

Erick Ramírez: 27 kg lost

Alejandro Galicia: 15 kg lost


Dare to change your life and achieve your fitness goals with a community and an app that will support the lifestyle you want with the X Challenge. Download the app, track your progress and become the best you can be. #X4Ever



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