Over the past week, ORGANO™ announced the extended availability of two fantastic, and uniquely ORGANO™, promotional packs – both available through June. For new Distributors we have the New Ventures Pack and for existing Distributors, the Upgrade Pack is back by popular demand!

Now it’s time to use those promo packs to grow your business. Both packs contain ORGANO™ premium coffee and teas along with our incredibly popular OGX products.  Are you aware that 80% of the people you know and even the people you don’t know drink coffee of tea at least occasionally? And, 81% of the people you know and even the people you don’t know are currently concerned about their weight?  Knowing those two facts can be a key basis to your success.

So we asked ORGANO™ Co-Founder Shane Morand for some useful tips to maximize sales and rank advancements, using the above promo packs.  

Tip #1:
Talk to more people knowing the above facts – most likely they are one of the 80% in either category.

Tip #2:  
Always ask questions using a 3rd party. For example:  

  • Who do you know who drinks coffee or tea?
  • Who do you know who is concerned about their weight?
  • Who do you know who is looking to earn extra income from home part-time?
  • Who do you know…

Because, chances are that the above questions apply to them!

Tip #3:

Always, always ask for referrals.  Everyone knows people who may be interested.

Tip # 4

Remember that the money is in the follow up … so be sure to FOLLOW UP!

Tip #5

When your leads convert to a retail or preferred customer – or a Distributor – make sure you help your new customers and team members get started. They need to understand the basics of how to use the products and, for Distributors, how to launch their business.  Customers will look to you for that personalization and brand experience. Distributors will depend on YOU to train and support them in starting their OG business.

And remember, you have the support of the entire OG Community – through the people you know, corporate, and through OG Academy.


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