As part of the advancing world today, you might think that business cards don’t matter anymore, but you might get surprised that the business card is still a necessity and can offer a lot more.

Here are (our top) good reasons why business cards should still be used and how this can help expand your OG business.

Our brain will always fail us.

Having a growing OG family means having a lot of people to remember and their names. Keep track of people by putting notes on business cards while they are still fresh in your mind.

Exchanging contact information with business card is more professional.

OG Networking is not just about expanding but also making genuine connection. Handling out business card on the spot makes your first impression important and may provide tangible information for others.

Business cards market your business.

After giving your business card, there will be times your information might not be useful as of that moment but this gives you a reason to follow-up with the prospect. The follow-up call allows you some leverage to share more details about your business and listen to your prospect’s needs.

Business card doesn’t turn off.

Your business card doesn’t need any power to operate. Having an OG business card means you will never lose an opportunity for potential lead or contact.

Pass your business card any way you want.

There are a thousand ways to share your information with a business card. Slip it under the OG coffee cup or an OG Retail kit, stick it in the office refrigerator, or even hold it off in a billiard table. Be as creative as you can be and make your first impression last.



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