They always have your back, are your partners in crime, celebrate your joys but also wipe out your tears when you’re sad… Life would be really sad without friends! And today we celebrate them with the International Day of Friendship.

They cut out the excuses and are the best supporters you can ever get when it comes to getting your fitness goals… But they can also be the best partners to try new workouts and routines so the road to greatness isn’t dull. We checked a few workouts you can do with your friends and keep that active lifestyle while you bond with them:

Dance Classes

Dancing is not only fun, but is a great cardio routine and a perfect excuse to gather your best buddies and have fun while you move your body to the rhythm of a Beyonce song. A recent study proved that dancing in sync with a group of people raises your pain threshold and encourages social bonding. Go schedule that Zumba class right now!


Plan a hike

Outdoor activities can be even more fun if you do them in the company of a good crowd. Just as you make plans to go for drinks every Friday, you can arrange a little getaway to the mountains or even the park to get your blood flowing while you run or walk. Plus, you get to take cool selfies with the natural scenery and make memories together!


Boot Camp

You can make things competitive by signing up to a circuit training or cross-fit class. You can pick a class that resonates with the fitness level of your group and grow strong together as you break your own goals. Partner up and may the best team win! 

Whether it is a simple walk around the park or a marathon, you can enjoy plenty of activities with your best friends! Just make sure to stay hydrated, positive and focused, the #X4EVER lifestyle.



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