In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to find time away from our screens. We typically work on some sort of computer with a screen, stay up-to-date on our smartphones, watch TV or play games on a device at night; and then do it all again the next day. The world today is operating more online than ever before. 

On one hand, this has helped us make a lot of advancements with businesses and communication, while on the other, it has become overwhelming. More often than we’d like to admit, we find ourselves wasting time just scrolling through various feeds.

Some experts argue that addiction to smartphones and tablets is the new normal. 

Everyday activities like waiting to check out at the grocery store, walking across a busy street, or talking to loved ones now are punctuated by glances at our phones or smart watches. Sometimes we might even notice that we do not even realize we are on our phones in the first place – we’re just mindlessly scrolling.

The internet can be extremely useful to our everyday lives. We can shop, connect, plan, and work on multiple platforms. Although all of these things are beneficial, it’s always good to unplug and recharge ourselves. 

Taking a vacation should be just that, a time for us to refuel. Getting away from work, and daily life so we can enjoy ourselves and just be is the reason we take vacations in the first place! 

Here are some tips for how to unplug from your computer or smartphone while on vacation and enjoy the benefits of a digital detox.

  1. Try To Eliminate Stressors

Stress can find its way into our lives in many moments throughout the day. Don’t let that stress come on your vacation with you. 

Being intentional about scheduling your work load before you leave is a great way to help yourself avoid anxiety while on vacation. Although sometimes things are unavoidable, if you do have to log into work make it quick and deliberate. 

Allowing ourselves to put our phones or laptops down can provide the stress release that the vacation is intended to bring.

  1. Turn notifications off

A good way to not be interrupted is to turn off as many phone notifications as possible. 

Make it possible for those who are on vacation with you to get a hold of you, but turn notifications from social media, work, and the news off so they don’t distract you. 

It only takes one notification to distract you and take you out of the present moment, causing you to miss precious vacation time because you’re caught up with work woes or other problems.

Another way to stay off of your phone is to get an app that limits the amount of time spent on social apps or that gives you reminders of how long you have been on our phone. This can help you cultivate a positive mindset of cherishing being in the moment and enjoying the company of the people you’re with.

  1. Take shorter trips

If getting away from work or responsibilities is a difficult task and you find yourself checking emails or working while on vacation, maybe there is an alternative solution to still be able to get that time unplugged from everything. 

Taking shorter trips, maybe more than what you would consider normal could be a good way to still get some much-needed time away while still balancing responsibilities. Taking shorter, more frequent trips are still a great way to unplug and get offline for the weekend while still working toward that longer dream vacation that will allow you to relax and be unbothered for a longer stretch.

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