E-Sports are all the rage right now and even a career choice for lots of people. Are you into them? Well, what if we told you that you can elevate your competitive performance level at gaming by training 6-minutes a day with CTS90 Powered by Neurotracker? 

It is possible and today we will tell you how!

Why CTS90 for Gaming?

CTS90 Powered by Neurotracker was born from science and is the result of years of research by Professor Faubert at the Visual Psychophysics & Perception Lab. This groundbreaking system was designed to measure and improve your cognitive function at a high level by activating the following processes:

– Hone your executive brain functions (organizing, prioritizing)

– Work on your peripheral vision 

– Easing visual information processes

– Activating your working memory


By spending just 6 minutes a day consistently training on CTS90, your brain will experience a transformation that will surprise you in as little as 15 sessions. This is how it works:


  1. Wear the 3D Glasses

You can use the CTS90 glasses on any AR, VR headset to train your brain. Eight yellow balls will appear on the screen and two of them will be highlighted with white circles. Those are your targets and you should follow and remember them.

  1. Give it 6 minutes daily

The balls will move for 6 seconds and then stop. Then, you will get to select the two balls that were your targets. Just 6 minutes a day can provide amazing results.

  1. Review Your Results

Keep track of your process and results, see your evolution, and stay committed.

  1. Customize Your Experience

CTS90 will adjust the difficulty level according to your performance to increase your level and motivation.

How does it help me become better at E-sports?

CTS90 gives you a competitive edge by strengthening cognitive functions you usually use when playing, driving a faster response, decision making, and reasoning.


We understand that every second count and that efficiency is important in gaming. CTS90 is designed for competitive gamers that want to develop their reaction skills, strategic thinking, and overall performance.

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