You’ve just bought a brand new tent and you’ve got your favorite sleeping bag packed tightly in the corner. You’re going camping this weekend! But have you forgotten anything? Whether it’s your first camping trip ever, or if it’s just been a while since you spent time in the great outdoors, don’t worry! ORGANO has put together this handy guide of items to bring with you on your next camping trip. Just follow our checklist to make sure that your trip is a success.

Bring all the utensils, plates and cups you’ll need

You know how it goes. You get to your campsite and realize you’ve forgotten to bring one of the things you really need. How are you going to cook without an oven mitt? How will you eat if all your dishes are dirty? Don’t let this happen! Make sure to pack enough utensils, plates, and cups for everyone in your group. The last thing anyone wants is a hungry kid or tired hiker who’s begging for someone else’s fork because their own is currently being used by someone else at another camp site.

Some essentials to avoid this are: portable cups and tumblers (we have plenty of drinkware items in our business tools!) as well as some eco-friendly plates and cutlery. You can choose the bamboo cutlery option if you want to dispose of anything you use and still help the planet, or bring your own and wash it on-site. 

A good coffee to start your day right

If you’re going camping, chances are you’ll be waking up before the sun rises. A good cup of coffee can help get you through those early morning hours, especially if there’s a lot of work to do—like setting up camp or fishing. 

Instead of bringing a coffee maker, you can bring your favorite ORGANO coffee blend and a small pot to warm up your water or milk. Our convenient sachets are easy to carry and use on the go. Don’t forget to save those sachets to donate them to our Bags for Life campaign!

Remember to pack plenty of coolers to keep your food fresh throughout the trip

You’re going to need a cooler. There is no way around this fact. If you don’t have one, you can try making do with an old milk crate and some ice, but if your trip involves more than a day or two away from the comforts of home, you should probably invest in something more substantial.

Coolers come in all shapes and sizes these days, so there’s really no excuse for packing sub-par provisions for your trip. Some coolers are big enough to fit a whole week’s worth of food; others are small enough that they will fit easily into your car trunk or even into your backpack! Don’t worry about getting stuck with only one type: there are plenty of options out there available at any store that sells camping gear.

Hopefully this post has made you feel a little more excited about the joys of camping. Remember, the key to a great trip is planning ahead to make sure that you have all your essentials covered, and letting your imagination go wild as far as activities are concerned!



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