During the pandemic many practices picked up speed and popularity, Yoga is one of them. Yoga is good for your body and mind, it is based on a sequence of movements to activate your muscles but also some energetic points that make you feel energized, balanced and centred. 


If you’re just starting or feeling curious about this ancient practice, we have curated a set of videos to get familiar with the basics of yoga and how you can start practicing it safely at the comfort of your home.


Breathing is the foundation of your Yoga practice, it will help you hold positions for longer and make the most out of every movement. Some studies show that proper breathing helps with anxiety, stress relief and total wellness. In this video you will learn a few techniques to incorporate to your practice.

Morning Routine

In Yoga there are diverse routines, all of them designed for certain times of the day. They can either energize you or help you wind down depending on your goals. This morning routine is ideal to stretch your muscles, awaken your body and feel more vital. All movements are pretty basic and will get you familiar with some of the staple positions.


Yoga helps you gain flexibility and reach new milestones at knowing your body and what it can do. This process takes time, but by doing the correct movements in the right sequence you will start feeling the difference in a few days. In this video Kassandra teaches you some of the basics to get your flow going.

Why Yoga?

As we explained at the beginning, yoga has many benefits for your body, but also for your mind and mental health. Yoga has been used for mindfulness for years and it can be used in behavioural change. In this TED Talk, Nikolai Blinow shares her research and findings on how a basic Yoga practice can bring you balance and help with your mental health issues and processes.




As you see, Yoga is a versatile practice you can incorporate to your daily workouts whether to replace some activities or to complement them. This, mixed with proper nutrition, can make you feel more vital! Combine Yoga with CNS90 and experience a boost in your focus, mindfulness and body energy, all with a natural approach! That’s the ORGANO way.



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