Have you ever had to choose between going for a workout or taking the day off from exercise? For most of us, this decision is not even presented to us. After a long workout routine, it can be tempting just to take the next day off… but should you? We think you do!


Recovery days are important for every athlete’s schedule, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Recovery days allow your body to fully recharge and repair. This can be an important part of any workout routine, but especially if you are doing high-intensity workouts (HIIT). 

What are recovery days?

+Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s giving your body a break so that it can repair itself, rebuild muscle, and recharge. Recovery isn’t just important to prevent injury—it’s also helpful in making sure you’re getting stronger and building more muscle.


If you don’t give yourself enough time to recover, you’ll be at risk for injury, feel sluggish and sore (which will make the rest of your week feel really hard), and may find yourself wondering why you’re not seeing progress in the mirror.


It’s true that exercise is one of the keys to good health, but overdoing it isn’t going to help anyone—so take a moment to give your body what it needs!

What are some good ways to spend a recovery day?


The key is not to just rest your body, but optimizing it to heal up faster and better. Some great ways to spend that recovery day are:



This one seems obvious but is worth repeating because we all have a tendency to underestimate its power. Recovery is all about getting your body back into fighting shape for the next big workout, and rest is where that happens. So make sure on your rest days you actually rest! Skip the spin class in favor of some well-earned couch time, and don’t feel bad about it.


Get enough sleep on your recovery days. Resting is good for your body, and sleep is the best kind of rest!


Hydrate and nurture your body

It might seem silly to talk about hydration when you’re resting up instead of running a marathon or lifting weights like crazy, but if you want to bounce back stronger than ever before, staying hydrated is key. 


Getting some protein can also help with muscle recovery and development. Rest days don’t mean cheat days, so be careful on what you put in your body. Prioritize vegetables and protein instead of carbs to keep a good balance. Supplements like OGX, Ganoderma and Spore Powder can give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and vital, even when you’re resting!


If you still want to move around on recovery day, doing some light activity can still help your body get the break it needs. Some ideas are:


– Go for a walk or a hike—it’s cardio without being too much like exercise

– Take a yoga class or follow along with one at home—yoga increases flexibility, which helps keep muscles loose.

– Try foam rolling—this technique uses a roller (foam or otherwise) to massage muscles and increase flexibility


Plan ahead and invest in a fitness recovery day because it will pay off the next day when you go back to exercise. The benefits of a fitness recovery day are improved performance and less risk of injury. Just remember not to go too hard on your recovery day. While you want to challenge yourself, you also want to respect the fact that you’re trying to recover from a long week of work with your body.



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