In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we all seem to fly past our usual routines and slip into a holiday mode that includes excessive eating and drinking. Before we know it, January is here again and we are left feeling guilty about our behavior just a few weeks ago. This is an unfortunate aspect of the holidays for many people. 


The hustle and bustle of November and December make it difficult for us to keep on top of our wellness habits, which means we often fail to meet them in the weeks that follow. However, this should not be a cause for panic: you do not need to spend every holiday from now until forever stressing about keeping balance, with some planning ahead, it’s possible to enjoy everything the festive season has to offer while also keeping your health in check. Here are a few tips!


Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly prevents many of the problems that commonly arise during the holidays. It helps you to stay fit, remain strong, and feel energized during a time of year when many people struggle with tiredness and overeating. You will also find that exercise helps you to sleep better, which can be important if you have young children and will be spending time attending parties during the holidays. 


Exercising regularly can also help you to feel positive about your health and can help you to control your appetite, skipping the overeating part and allowing you to focus more on how good you feel in the company of friends and family. Making space for it shouldn’t be a hassle, you can dedicate 30-60 minutes 2-3 days a week to it and you’ll feel more vital and active. 


Make time to relax

Sometimes we may feel tempted to fill every hour of the day with activities during the holidays. For example, you may want to visit as many parties as possible or spend time with a large number of family members. While it is important to be social during the holidays, you also need to take time to relax. 


Having some downtime can help you to deal with the pressures and stresses of the season more effectively, especially if you have young children around the house. Taking some time to walk outside, meditate in your room or just sit peacefully with a good book or your cup of hot cocoa can ensure you have the mental break you need. 


Celebrate the holidays with friends and family

Many people are fond of celebrating Christmas with friends and family. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays, but it is possible to do so without putting a strain on your health. You can enjoy a party or a meal without overindulging. It can also be helpful to prepare for such an event by eating a little less during the days leading up to it. If you have a party to attend, you may be able to help yourself by bringing a healthy dish to share with the other guests and not feeling guilty about it.


Remember, the core of this season is to engage and connect, not to stress about minor details or lose your cherished routines, finding balance is key to making this work. Take a moment to be grateful for the presence of your loved ones in your life and get in touch with them as much as you can. 


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