How is your brain doing? When you’re juggling work, friends, family, and social life, it can be challenging to find time for yourself. Stress from these various responsibilities can take a toll on your memory and concentration, making it even more difficult to complete tasks that you need to get done. 


Memory and concentration are two important cognitive abilities that help us function in our everyday lives, but there are ways to improve memory and concentration so that you can get things done faster and easier. This is the perfect moment to set new habits and we have three you can pick from, to improve just that in your life! Here are some strategies that may help:


Create a routine

A regular routine can help you improve your memory and concentration. Write down a to-do list every day, and make sure to include the things that are most important to you. When you have a written plan, it can be easier to prioritize what you need to get done. 


Also, make sure to stick to a regular schedule for your sleep and wake times, these practices can help you to improve your memory and concentration by helping you avoid distractions. For example, avoiding social media can help you avoid the constant distractions that come with scrolling through your feed. How about dedicating some time to training with CTS90 in the meantime? You’ll be exercising your brain and will be doing something more productive. 


Similarly, a regular sleep schedule can help you avoid sleep deprivation, which can make it more difficult to concentrate during the day.


Meditate and breathe deeply

Regular meditation practice can help you improve your memory and concentration. You don’t have to sit still and close your eyes to meditate! You can do it while you’re walking, running, or even washing the dishes. 


You can use the “counting” meditation technique, which involves counting your breaths as you inhale and exhale. Another way to use meditation to improve your memory and concentration is to breathe deeply while focusing on a word, image, or sound. For example, you can use a mindfulness meditation technique and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. This can help you to clear your mind and avoid distractions.

Take care of your diet and mental health

To improve your memory and concentration, take care of your diet and mental health. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This can help keep your mind from feeling foggy, which can make it more difficult to remember things. Adding supplements that support your brain function can be a way to improve that area of your life, and ORGANO has a great selection: CXT to power your body and brain, and Ganoderma-based supplements for immune function


Exercise can help to relieve stress, which can help improve your memory and concentration. It can also be helpful to get outside, go for a walk, or take a break during the day to get some fresh air and sunlight. These can help you to take a break from your tasks, which can help you to remember things more easily. 


Mental health is important for overall health, and taking care of your mental health can help to improve your memory and concentration. If you’re experiencing any mental health challenges, like stress or anxiety, they can make it more difficult to remember things. 


When it comes to improving memory and concentration, one thing is certain: you can’t do it alone. You have to rely on your surroundings and your personal habits to get the most out of your mental abilities, trust Cognition by ORGANO for that!



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