The holiday season fills us with joy, hope, and gratitude, after all this is the season to share and give back! Whether you had a great year or struggled to get by, sharing is the spirit of the season and there are many ways to help others and celebrate, not only spending, but coming together to help those who need it most. 


ORGANO has a list of ideas you can try this year to give back to your community! 


Volunteer. If donating money is out of the question for any reason, you can give some of your time collaborating on Food Banks, NGOs, shelters, or other organizations. 


Donate blood. If you’re apt and able, giving some of this precious resource can help lots of people who are in need of it in medical emergencies. 


Donate some clothes. This is a good time to go through your closet and pick all those items you don’t really use and that could serve a better purpose with someone else. 


Help marginalized women in diverse communities. The Bags for Life initiative by ORGANO is the way to support unemployed women to bring meals and money to their households. All you have to do is collect and ship your ORGANO coffee sachets. 


Share good news only. A simple encouraging message a day to someone you love can be a great way to give back. Make the effort to share just good news on a daily basis and become a beacon of positivity.


Adopt or sponsor an endangered species. Some shelters and organizations have programs that allow you to adopt, sponsor, or just help endangered species to thrive, recover their habitat, or just get the help they need. 


Support local businesses. Shopping with local artists, farmers, and merchants can be a great way to support your local environment and foster growth in your surroundings.


Help build homes for those who need it. You can volunteer on Habitat for Humanity to help people get a roof over their head, or recover their homes after natural disasters. 


Donate to a charity. If it’s all a matter of time and being busy, you can search and pick a cause that’s close to your heart and donate to it. Every dollar counts to change someone else’s life. 


It’s as easy as that! By giving back to your community, not only are you going to inspire others to do the same, but you’ll be helping spark a movement to help everyone around you thrive and succeed. It’s the small actions that matter too!

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