There are many different occasions why people book travel, but there’s one reason that is often the case for most…Many travel lovers today, especially those who are foodies too, seek to explore new destinations in search of a bit of flavor and the chance to taste the latest cultural delicacies.

Interestingly, travelers near and far are finding that the most difficult thing about exploring a foreign place or journeying abroad, is finding good, authentic food. It’s funny how meals can often make or break a trip, which is why foodies recommend planning in advance, but there’s another secret too!

Want to get the best taste of a city? 

Wherever you travel, no matter the time of year or destination, there’s a method for experiencing good food. It all starts in the food markets! Food markets are starting to bring travelers to certain places because of their featured culinary must-haves

Food tasting in markets is known to be one of the best culinary experiences while traveling. If you’re a foodie who is planning a vacation based on the best food markets or are visiting any of the following countries, Travalla has curated a list of top food markets travelers swear by!

St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada

Once named the “World’s Best Food Market” by National Geographic, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada is known for being an iconic culinary hotspot. Offering authentic eateries, delicious food stalls, unique shops, and more, this market is a food lover’s paradise! 

The St. Lawrence food market specializes in organic products and healthier foods from over 120 local farmers and merchants. So, the next time you’re in Toronto looking for a healthy treat, run on over to St. Lawrence! You won’t be disappointed. 

Time Out Market in Lisbon, Portugal

One may never have experienced truly good food until they have visited the Time Out Market in Lisbon. The Time Out Market is one of the main reasons why tourists visit Lisboa. 

A collection of Lisbon’s tastiest foods and drinks, the Time Out Market is where foodies can find the best tastes Lisbon has to offer, all under one roof! You can discover the best chefs, Michelin star restaurants, cooking workshops, and cultural events all within the market. 

The best part? You can try little plates from each stall and enjoy the many flavors of Portugal. If you go, make sure to try a Pastel de Nata or Portuguese custard tart. They are made fresh in the market daily!

Borough Market in London, England

London is often known for its famous Portobello Market in Nottinghill, however, there’s another historic market located in central London that has now become a foodie favorite! 

Established in 1885, London’s Borough Market is the place to be, especially if you love tasting good, high-quality foods! From paella to pastries, here you will find the best-baked products, as well as organic produce and fresh artisan prepared foods daily.

Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, Spain

If you’ve ever visited Madrid and stumbled upon Mercado de San Miguel, you will never forget the sight and smells! Mercado de San Miguel has always been enjoyed by city locals, and over the years has started getting the attention of international food lovers. 

It’s one of the oldest food markets in Madrid and now known as a world-famous gastronomic market that can be enjoyed all year round. Travelers share that the San Miguel market is the best place to eat in Madrid. When you go, don’t forget to grab a glass of sangria! 


Enjoy all the flavors right now! Book your next foodie adventure with Travalla and head straight to the markets for a flavorful trip of a lifetime.



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