Your brain not only manages all your body functions and helps you be a functioning human being, it also controls your emotions and is in charge when you feel joyful, depressed, worried or inspired. That’s what we know as mental health, and sometimes it’s a balance of both physical issues and mental ones. 


When we forget about this, we disregard the care we need to have with our brain to feel better, inside and out. Today, we will explore the anatomy of emotions, how your brain “produces” them and what you can do to get more positive ones as you take care of your brain.

Your brain and emotions

It’s hard to pinpoint a single place where your emotions are born in the brain, but several research pieces point out to the hypothalamus, amygdala, your midbrain or periaqueductal gray and the insular cortex. 


The hypothalamus is the control center of your emotions, it administrates emotional response to all stimuli and is also involved in many “instinctive” responses like hunger, hormone release, sexual response or body temperature regulation. 


Your amygdala helps you interpret several neurological signs and translates them into emotions like fear. It is also in charge of “classical conditioning” or the response we have to several stimuli in our surrounding. Once we learn about fear or pleasure, the amygdala activates and triggers the feeling of wellness or danger. 


Your periaqueductal gray contains receptors that are also related to certain sensations and feelings, particularly pain. Once activated, this sector located in the brainstem, it triggers defensive behaviours and seems to be related to anxiety. 


Finally, the insular cortex lights up and activates when you feel or anticipate pain. Scientists say it is the main source of disgust and generates those feelings of aversion to things we don’t like or feel pleasure in. 


How to take care of your brain and emotions

Your brain is a powerful machine, one that science hasn’t been able to decode completely and we are still exploring. Emotions are just one part of those responses that help us survive, relate to others and navigate the material world. 


Having healthy brain activity shows up in your emotional balance and state and can make or break your mental health processes. Here are a few tips to make this an optimal cycle, to guide you to feel and be better:


  1. Talk about your feelings and don’t bottle them up. 
  2. Stay active, research shows that physical activity is related to hormone release of oxytocin and dopamine, both related with happiness, pleasure and joy.
  3. Eat well, a nourished brain will perform better under stressful circumstances and will have the clarity to solve any problem or face any circumstance. You can try any of our CNS90 Kits to give your brain and body the nutrients they need!
  4. Take breaks and sleep well. Healthy sleep patterns help your brain regenerate, feel more vital and refreshed. 
  5. Learn something new. It keeps your brain awake, your interest will be heightened and your curiosity will be active. CTS90 is the perfect way to build brain power every single day with only 6 minutes!


Following these steps and keeping in mind how everything connects between your body and emotions, will give you the tools to become limitless, improve your lifestyle and help you achieve your dreams and goals. ORGANO supports you every step of the way!


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