Working out and brain health are strongly linked whether you believe it or not. Several studies have found that at least 30 minutes of physical activity every single day can help with memory, concentration, and serenity, and not just with losing weight or keeping your cardiovascular health. Let’s explore the many benefits and changes your brain experiences when you lead an active lifestyle.

It improves your mood

When you’re exercising, your heart rate increases and more oxygen is pumped to your heart and brain. This process activates certain brain sectors and releases hormones such as oxytocin, lowering the presence of “stress” hormones such as cortisol. This is the reason why you feel “high” and hyper after a workout. Oxytocin has feel-good qualities and antidepressant effects.


Some studies even show that the liberation of these hormones is also associated with great cell growth in the hippocampus, stimulating memory and focus. 

Connects you with others

Daily activity, especially in groups or with a partner triggers the release of endorphins. These substances make you feel good, but also help you bond with others and collaborate to create that atmosphere of wellness. Endorphins also increase your pain tolerance! This is why you become more resilient when you workout constantly, reaching milestone after milestone without even feeling it. 

Makes you smarter

As you exercise, your brain also gets a workout: it starts building cognitive reserves, creates and renews links between neurons leading to a better memory and more focus. 


Think about it, when you’re moving, you’re teaching your body to do certain steps to achieve success. Researchers confirm that people who are exposed to physical activity on a daily basis, are more resilient, can function more and find solutions to problems easier than people who don’t workout on a regular basis. 


Your daily workout promotes neuroplasticity, helping your brain make new connections and adapt through life, so… Get to it!


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