Did you know that our best work comes from periods of focused intensity, balanced with meaningful leisure instead of long periods of “productivity” mixed with whatever hurry we have in our day? We’ve talked a lot about achieving your goals and making your day even more productive, but there are more tips you can take into account in case our previous recommendations didn’t resonate with your lifestyle. 


Take this spring as the perfect fertile ground to start implementing some of these routines, and let us know how they go!

Remove interruptions and distractions

Improving your surroundings and the physical space that you occupy is essential. Doing things like closing your door, cleaning your desk or getting all the tools you need to work in a single space can improve the quality of your work. Don’t forget to turn off your notifications, set yourself to “do not disturb”, close your email, and get to work! 


When all of your most used tools are within arms reach, the time you spend setting up tasks and switching between them is reduced. If everything is organized and has a designated place, you’ll spend less time searching for things, and will have more time and focus. 

Reduce mechanical tasks

This is what apps are for! Your phone has amazing functionalities to create shortcuts so you stop spending time doing things like deleting old messages, going through pictures from ages ago, or responding to certain texts. Wanna check a few? 








At the same time, when you’re on the computer, there are many keyboard shortcuts you can learn to optimize your work. Check this video on the top 10 excel tips and tricks that can save you time at your business!





While it might seem disruptive at first to change your habits, once you train yourself to utilize shortcuts, you’ll move so much faster through your work.


Keep your goals and expectations in check

Becoming decisive and keeping your goals on track is essential to a streamlined lifestyle.  Whenever a possible opportunity appears in your life, evaluate it by asking these questions:


  • Do I want to do this? If so, why? 
  • What do I want out of it?
  • Why now? 
  • Is this a priority? 


Going through the reasons why or why not will give you enough information to justify why you should let this enter your life or leave it. If you ever have a  hard time answering these questions, just pass and don’t take any actions on it.


Make some space for leisure time

Leisure is fuel and making intentional quality-time for it will show results in your long-term lifestyle. Your brain and health deserve a break from the stress of work and daily struggles, even our relationships benefit from some time off or time outside the common spaces we use every day. 


Distance gives us perspective and that’s why vacation or simply spending some time away doing different things, in different settings can determine your energy levels for the rest of the week or even the month. 


Find activities that are fulfilling to you and are not related to your business or your daily duties. They can change based on your goals, and even according to the season, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are clear what is valuable to you. Now make space for them on your weekends or on a day where they feel right, and commit to them just as you do to everything else. 


You’ll find that spending time doing these things will help you return to your work everyday with new ideas, refreshed energy, and a clear focus.


See? It isn’t so complicated to start changing your lifestyle and simplifying your daily tasks to make room for the things that matter most in your life. Let us know how your routine feels after these changes and share your experiences in our social media channels!


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