We get you, being a Distribution Partner is hard work. The world of sales is a competitive environment, and whether or not it is your forte, there are a few pointers you can follow to be more effective while developing your OG business.

These are some of the tips our Distribution Partners swear by to achieve success.

Be a product of the product

Keeping things personal, and sharing your experience from a place of knowledge and empathy with others is vital. Know your product, feel enthusiastic about it, speak of it and its wonders. You can create different kinds of speeches depending on your audience or the context you’re in. 

Remember, conviction sells.

Be resilient (and patient)

Consistency is one of the secrets: showing up, every single day to harvest results are part of this game. You can use some organizational skills to make your business schedule interesting and motivating. We all get some no’s during our careers, but that must not stop us.

If you feel your business is losing momentum, take a pause to think about what is working and what is not, then you’ll be able to redirect your strategy and try new things.

Set small goals

Yes, keeping a growth mindset is very important. Reaching for the stars is great, but to get there you have to reach small milestones. Focusing on these baby steps will help you develop a more systematic approach, and they will keep you motivated. 

How about starting with two mixers a week and then aiming to have at least 4, then 5, then 6… This way you’ll test your skills, develop smarter ways to network and find the best way to network with people. 

Listen to your customer

We tend to think that speaking is the most dynamic part of the business, but listening is the most active part of it. Becoming a problem solver for your customers, taking into account their needs and concerns will take you far when recommending the most suitable product for them. Simple things such as remembering their favorite drink, their feedback regarding their experience or even their birthday give you a trustworthy aura. 

Remember, creating an experience takes time, but if you put a little bit of you to it every day, you’ll build a successful OG business in no time.

Want more business tips? Check the rest of our blog to help you grow your OG business!



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