The holidays are here, and with COVID-19 online shopping has become the essential! On one hand, it provides you more flexibility and choices, but on the other hand, it comes with risks and downsides: higher risk of fraud, trouble with payment platforms, and security breaches. 


OGPay brings you some simple tips to make your online shopping experience even more pleasant and safe this year!

Shop in official sites

Be aware of shopping in trusted sites only! It’s easy to get scammed with some search results nowadays, especially when they are spelled similarly to your familiar providers. Check that the website is not misspelled and the domain is official (.com is the rule most of the time).

Search for the S

Another sign of security is the “s” on the website URL. Whenever you’re going to make a transaction or payment, ensure the page is secured. The website URL should start with https:// and not http:// . 

Consider your payment options

When shopping online it’s better to use mobile wallets or credit cards, rather than your standard debit account. Why? Your money is protected when you do transactions when you use third party services or when you store balances in one place, instead of putting all your assets at risk by giving your debit card information.

OGPay is a great way to make payments on the go! With OGPay you get a mobile wallet account that you can link (optionally) to a Visa Debit account to move, pay, and withdraw money. You can use it wherever VISA cards are accepted, which opens a world of possibilities for your shopping.

Check your statements frequently

The best way to prevent fraud is to keep tabs on your bank statements to find any suspicious payments or withdrawals. You can even set up alerts on your phone or email, to receive messages whenever a transaction is performed.

Use secure connections

Always make payments while connected to a secure wi-fi connection. Using public wi-fi is out of the question: your information could be tracked and stolen by hackers. It’s preferable to do your shopping at home, your office or even using a VPN (Virtual private Network) for maximum safety.

You can shop securely by just being aware of the places you give your information to, and by using simple and safe options such as OGPay. Enjoy your holidays!



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