Rosy cheeks were once considered to be a sign of health and wellness. Over the years blushing and red flushed cheeks became known for representing nervousness or embarrassment. However, having redness or a rosy tone to your cheeks can also be a sign of an underlying skin condition that many people don’t even realize they have. Rosacea.

Why Most People Don’t Know They Have Rosacea

According to the British Journal of Dermatology, approximately 415 million people around the world have rosacea. It has become a common skin condition in the US and abroad, where there’s visible redness and sometimes blood vessels displaying on the cheeks and face. Additionally, a rosacea flare-up will sometimes come along with tiny bumps that can look like acne.

Similar to some other skin conditions such as acne, rosacea can have a flare-up for a few weeks to even months at a time, then disappear for a while. This inconsistency is what often leaves people unaware of the type of skin condition they have, and is why it is often left untreated.  

How to Prevent and Treat Rosacea

One of the most important ways to prevent and treat rosacea is by having a proper skincare routine in place. Dermatologists highly recommend cleansing your face twice daily. Cleansing helps to remove unwanted debris, bacteria, excess oil, pollutants, and everyday dirt that can accumulate and irritate rosacea-prone skin.

The National Rosacea Society explains that those with rosacea-prone skin can benefit from choosing a gentle cleanser that works with their skin type. For example, beU’s Manuka Honey infused gentle cream cleanser is full of natural antioxidants that help retain skin moisture while promoting skin regeneration. It works to cleanse as well as protect the skin while hydrating, leaving behind a clear and healthy-looking complexion.

Natural Treatments for Rosacea 

Another effective way to prevent a rosacea flare-up is by using natural products that protect your skin from UV rays. Those who live in sunnier, warmer climates, will notice fewer rosacea symptoms when applying SPF and seeking shade when it’s available. Avoiding direct heat sources can also help.

Using mild products with gentle ingredients such as Bee Venom is a great natural alternative to harsh skin treatments. Bee Venom naturally contains a potent combination of enzymes, peptides, and amino acids that work on all levels of the skin to encourage naturally occurring cell regeneration, boost collagen formation, and hydrate and heal the skin.

beU by Organo products contain ingredients found in nature to help you look and feel younger. Each ingredient is designed to work together to provide radiant, healthier-looking skin. From restorative antioxidants to firming bee venom, our ingredients revitalize skin and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever your skin type, beU products will keep your skin feeling refreshed, healthy, and youthful.



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