The world is moving fast, there is so much going on with our families, work, and daily hustle that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves! Being mindful about your own pace and space can help you perform better. That’s why we created our Dear Self package, designed to keep your health on optimal levels and help you achieve peak performance, no matter what you do. 

Today we give you a few secrets on how to make space for you and your mental and physical wellness, as well as all the benefits that come with that me-time. 

Determine what’s self-care for you

Your perspective can help determine the kinds of behaviors that are considered self-care. For instance, if you are new to going to the gym every day, you may struggle with the idea of doing it constantly for a long time. But, if you eventually reach your goal, it could still be worthwhile. A good self-care routine can help improve your well-being and sense of self-worth, and it can also help you maintain a healthy and resilient lifestyle.

Focusing on what makes you feel centered can help you develop a plan that works for you, and you can start doing this by creating a list of things that bring you joy. Take a moment to brainstorm what kinds of things can be incorporated into your life every day. It can be as simple as filling the background with the colors and scents that you enjoy or it can be more complex, such as setting a schedule for a certain activity.

Once you have identified the kinds of activities that you would like to incorporate into your daily life, then come up with goals for how many of these actions you will implement each day. Set realistic and measurable goals so that they can be easy to track.

Follow a set of guidelines and adjust your approach as needed. It’s okay to have ups and downs along the way!

A few self-care ideas you can start implementing now

Finding what self-care is for you can take some time, a bit of trial and error, but the key to its success is to TRY. Here are a few ideas you can start trying on a daily basis, incorporate what feels good and discard what you think is not working!

  • Hydrate. This simple task can mean a lot for your body and overall health. A glass of water can improve your mood, make you feel refreshed or give you the break you need after a long chunk of work.
  • Exercise. Even if it is a 5-minute routine. We have lots of suggestions of easy workouts you can start adding to your daily routine. 
  • Make a weekly menu. Save time and thinking effort by making a menu for the week. You’ll save on groceries, will have something to look forward to, and will skip eating out and be unhealthy for most of the week. Check some recipe ideas with ORGANO products.
  • Create 5-minute buffer times. You can do anything in these slots: from meditating, checking your social media, or just walking out to your yard, balcony or window for a change of scenery.
  • Write down your feelings. It’s a wonderful way to become more aware of what your thoughts are through the day, and to find out triggers, inspiration and issues we need to solve.

See? It’s the little things! We’re sure that if you start adding these simple practices to your daily grind, you’ll have more headspace and clarity. Feel good, think good and become the best version of yourself with ORGANO!


Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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