The sapphire rank has a new gem in its lines! It’s Verónica García from México. Discover her story and get inspired to achieve better feats in your ORGANO journey.


Verónica is from México, but has lived in Santa Ana, California for over 24 years. She balances her two jobs, working as an office cleaner and as an ORGANO Distribution Partner since 2019. 


Health issues brought her to ORGANO, “from the first moment I experienced the change, my family and I decided to make it part of our lives”, she explains. Verónica joined ORGANO with the support of Alicia González, her California leader. “Alicia, Freddy and Ethel have guided me through all the process and have connected me with this proven system. It really works. In my first 2 weeks I achieved VIP, 10 months after I was already Platinum.” 


Veronica’s journey has been impressive, but has had some obstacles and struggles as well, “I owe it to team effort to be here. Thanks to OG’s leadership and the many platforms that they provide to us I have become the leader I am now.” For her, the secret to her success has been to follow the 4 steps in a sacred way, “in our virtual meetings, we always set goals and milestones. Mine was to support my team, follow the 4 steps, keep our contact list updated, and make the most out of every chance I had to connect with people.” 


A combination of mixers, pamper sessions, weekly calls and community outreach with her friends, community and prospects, she grew in her rank, and so did other members of her team. “My piece of advice for anyone who wants to get into this business and wants to really succeed is to learn to listen to your leaders, they want the best for you. Connect with the OG system, follow the 4 steps and be consistent. The rewards will start showing up in no time.”

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