When the pumpkin patches start popping up and the air begins to cool, you know that the most magical time of the year has arrived. More and more, couples, families, and solo travelers are getting excited to plan a fall foliage adventure. It’s the perfect time to grab an apple cider, or something pumpkin-spiced, and go on a leaf-peeping trip to see all of the charming fall colors around the map.

One of the most stunning places to discover the beauty of fall foliage and enjoy an outdoor adventure is found in Shenandoah National Park. Located just a short drive outside of Washington, D.C. in Virginia, this national park is home to breathtaking overlooks, mountains, rivers, and peak leaf changes. A treasure to outdoor enthusiasts, its 500,000 acres of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a sought-out location for van lifers, bikers, hikers, and travelers of all ages throughout fall.


Why Plan Your Fall Foliage Adventure in Advance?

This year, due to lengthier drought conditions across the US, research has shown that the leaves will be at their peak a little behind schedule. In some states that were affected by this, leaves may even skip their brilliant color change altogether, going from green, straight to brown and skipping the yellow, orange, and red hues so many are seeking to find.

There are various 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Maps that can help you to find the perfect location and time of the month for you to see fall foliage. It’s important to plan in advance, so you catch it just in time. Some of the digital prediction tools are designed with a moveable scale to see the various changes throughout each month. Using this tool can help you to plan out which part of the US is best to plan your 2021 fall leaf adventure.

The Best Leaf Peek Location Predictions are in…

The maps are showing that out of all the various destinations nationwide, New York is still appearing to be one of the prettiest places to see fall foliage this year in the USA. By November especially, prediction maps indicate that the best peak views will begin in the middle of the month of October. You can find them on Long Island, in Hudson Valley, and at Greenbelt Nature Center in Staten Island.

One of the most well-known places to view these “second spring” changes can also be found this year in the Great Smoky Mountains. It is less of a quiet retreat, as thousands of visitors come annually to see nature’s vibrant changes, however it is predicted to begin around mid-October and continue all through November.

The tricky thing about planning a fall foliage getaway is making sure not to book it too late. You won’t want to miss it!

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