COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the way we network for business. Now we have to do it online! But it doesn’t mean it can’t be as successful or effective as in-person connections.


ORGANO understands that networking is a BIG part of your business, that’s why we curated some of the best online networking videos out there, so you can learn new things to apply and thrive at what you do.

Build strong relationships

Dr. Ivan Misner shares with us some of his actionable tips and steps on how to network from home and overcome fear of contacting others. 


How to network through email or DM

Zoom calls aren’t the only way to network, this video will walk you through some effective tactics to open more opportunities via email. Learn to craft powerful direct messages and use social media in your favor.

Successful Online Networking

Hack your way through networking with these 5 steps! Make the most of your local contacts and their close ones, learn to pick the ideal prospect and create the perfect message to catch their attention.




How to network with anyone

In the end, we’re all humans and that serves as the first point of contact with others. This video will teach you some OBVIOUS things you already know, and how to use them to gain trust in your abilities and leave your fears of being rejected aside. 


Network with important people 

Don’t sound creepy and enchant your prospects or new business partners with this simple, yet mind-blowing tip by Cheeky Scientist.




Don’t let the pandemic or fear of people get in the way of your success! Work on those people skills, use technology in your favor and grow your ORGANO business in no time. This is the best moment to be an entrepreneur with ORGANO.


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