We’re highlighting the stories of the most successful winners of the year! Today we have the winners of the X Challenge Q3 of 2019, Luis Márquez and Andrés Vasquez. Both of them achieved their weight loss goals and had seen a massive improvement in their lifestyles thanks to OGX.

Luis Márquez

 Luis Marquez’s from California has lost 126 lbs and is pushing for even higher goals!

Luis started his X-Challenge journey at a 394 lbs, his main drive? “I wanted to get in shape and improve my lifestyle,” he commented, “I started out in March 2018, some friends recommended the OG products and I gave them a chance. Thanks to their support and my partner, I started this exciting ride”.

For him, the X Challenge isn’t a sacrifice, but something he does with discipline and complete will, “this hasn’t felt like homework, I have the time to do it and I want to achieve my goals. It was a matter of choosing to start and put some perseverance.” The rewards have been big, he’s lost over 126 lbs. 

“I am my main motivation. Feeling better and looking my best motivates me to commit more to this and my results have allowed me to do things I couldn’t do before, like riding my motorbike”, Luis explained. This is his 3rd cycle and he’s pushing for more. 

Along his weight loss journey, he’s also gained wisdom and wants to share some of it with people who want to see the change in themselves, “Give time to yourself, invest in your health, keeping your body in the best shape is the best gift.”

Andrés Vásquez

With 348 lbs, Andrés from the state of New York started the X Challenge with only one goal: committing to his health, “I wanted a big change, I knew I needed to shift my mindset to feel better and improve my lifestyle.”

For him, his support system was the main catalyst of his transformation, “I lost 115 lbs in 6 months by showing up every day and keeping in mind my well-being. The people around me filled me with motivation and that’s how I tasted success.” His transformation story started in September 2017 and is only gains up to this point. “I am more myself, my self-esteem improved substantially. Being more mindful when it comes to eating and leading a better life.”

For these two winners holding themselves accountable for their own well-being and health was the most important thing. the X Challenge is here to motivate you in a positive way to make those changes in your daily lifestyle to be a better you. #X4Ever



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