We love to see new faces joining our global OG Family. That’s why, each month, ORGANO awards some of its new Distributor with the title of Rookie of the Month.

These Distributors showed an outstanding performance throughout their first month of signing up with the company, which helped them to reach the highest rank (given by Group Volume) in their first month of business activity.

Here are the testimonials that our top 2018 Rookies of the Month shared when asked about their first month in ORGANO™

“My ORGANO journey started in December 2017 when I registered as a Distributor because of all the positive testimonials about the the health benefits of all the ORGANO GOLD products at my cousin’s mixer. I decided to join the business in order to support my cousin but her continued support and encouragement led me to organising my own mixers and attending meetings and supporting others for their mixers and all these has led to the success of today.”

Olusola Ayodele, Ruby from the United Kingdom

“I know that I have inspired many other people to believe that they can do it, now I want to make many more also believe that they themselves are enough and that it is possible to make it if they set themselves for it and trust in their greatness. They have to follow the leaders since this can only be done as part of a team.”

Gabriela Tapia, Sapphire from USA

“Our results with Organo have been amazing in a few different ways. Financially, we have made all the money back we started the business with, plus profit. Mentally, getting our minds conditioned to think outside the box and make decisions and stick to them. The personal development we are receiving makes all the difference in our lives, and we owe our knowledge and growth to Organo.”

Nicholas & Treneshia Wilson, Platinum Consultants from USA

“Being able to reach the rank of Sapphire has been an intense journey. We had to make many sacrifices including missing some family, sport and even some work activities. However, we focused on advancing our rank, and therefore we made coffee parties and OG Mixers every single day with at least 5 people each. We also did a lot of opportunity presentations throughout the day and even calls to recommend the product. It’s been intense, but the last day we got it!”

Guillermo Alfaro Arnez & Claudia Navia Mallo,  Sapphire from Bolivia

We love the Organo products and always use 4 steps to success as our guide to doing the business. We show the plan and share products to help many people who want and need to improve their well-being. Finally, we always make sure to follow our upline leaders”

Termpan and Supaporn Sokjabok, Rubies from Thailand

“The products and culture of ORGANO speak for themselves. I have leaders whose actions line up with their words, who are servant leaders and walk in integrity. With their coaching and training, I was able to hit my ranks.  So be excited and energetic — it’s contagious and it catches your community on fire!”

Nakita Jackson, Sapphire Consultant from USA

“I decided to purchase a Gold Pack to become a Distributor and was lucky because OG offered the Global Growth Bonus at the time. I want to earn income and grow together with my team. Participating in the Go Beyond event and the Leadership camp allowed me to see the atmosphere of success where I gained a stronger confidence in growing my OG Business. Make a decisions quickly, trust in your Leaders, and use the 4 Step system continuously and consistently! ”   

Khun Sukanya Wongkanuan, Sapphire from Thailand

Are you ready to take your business to the next level in 2019? If you haven’t already, join ORGANO™ as a Distributor and become our next Rookie of the Month!



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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