This summer brought great opportunities for you to get on a healthier path. With the Shake It Off and Fuel Your Fenix promotions you’re beating the X Challenge and living the X4ever Lifestyle fully. You took such good care of your body this season but, did you pay the same attention to your mind?

Now that it’s back to school season, it’s time to learn something new. So today, we bring you some ideas to strengthen your brain and keep your mind functioning at its best.

Learn to play a musical instrument

We have all experienced the stress-relieving properties of music. But learning to play a musical instrument can do even greater things for your brain. Music theories are composed by notes and rhythms that involve mathematical aspects. Therefore, when learning to read music, you’re also improving your math skills. In the long term, and by practicing regularly, you will also increase your memory skills and your motor coordination.

Learn a foreign language

Knowing more than one language lets you know more about different cultures, makes it easier for you to travel, and can even help you find a job faster. And at a cognitive level, learning new languages has even more benefits. New vocabulary and grammar forces you to improve your memory, and even makes you more aware of the rules of your first language, which can improve your writing and communication abilities. Also, hearing sounds and words that you’re not used to enhance your general listening skills.

Learn to meditate

Through focusing your mind on a thought or object, meditation helps you stray away from negative thoughts by keeping you in the present. Learning to meditate reduces some disorders like anxiety and depression, and helps to improve anger management. It also makes you more aware of your body and emotions, promoting emotional health by helping you understand more about yourself and others around you. The more you do it, the better it will be to focus and improve your attention span in general tasks.

Learn to dance

Dancing brings all the benefits of performing any physical activity without you even noticing. It tones your muscles and releases endorphins that bring you a general feeling of happiness. By learning new movements and rhythms, you can improve your muscle memory and your coordination. As dancing involves quick decision making, it also helps you develop new neural pathways, enhancing your cognitive function. In the long term, dancing can help you reduce the risks of dementia.

Learn to cook something new

Apart from being a healthier option than dining out, cooking requires focus, organization, and multitasking. The process of cooking develops your motion control and hand-eye coordination. It also involves the use of multiple senses, which allows you to establish more cognitive connections. So the more you adventure into cooking, the more you’ll know about different ingredients, which will also help you to develop your creativity.

Which on the list are you learning first? Remember that in this back to school season, you don’t necessarily have to be enrolled in school to keep learning new things. After all, acquiring a new skill set at any stage in life can help you fight dementia and keep your mind agile as your age.



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