Valentine’s Day doesn’t really pass anyone by, whether you have a romantic partner or not.  February 14 puts a spring in the step of most people and is a day to treat yourself and others with love and a little bit of whimsy.  It’s also a day for a bit of indulgence or splurge.   At OG, we love most days, but we thrive with even more enthusiasm on February 14 – we love what we do, and we love those we partner with – our trusted team members – Distributors and staff – and our incredible Preferred and Retail Customers.

Celebrated throughout the world, Valentine’s Day is rooted within Christian and Roman mythology – revolving ultimately around the celebration of love and affection.

Here are some fun global Valentine’s Day milestones and factoids to share and to perhaps make your day – and the day of others – just a bit sweeter:

  • The saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve” is from the Middle Ages. Boys at this time would draw names of girls to see who would be their “Valentine” and then wear the name pinned on their sleeve for a week.
  • More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day.
  • About 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year. This makes V-Day the second largest seasonal card sending time of the year.
  • The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
  • Teachers will receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets (Yes, 3% of pet owners buy their pets a Valentine’s Day card or present!).
  • 220,000 is the average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year.
  • On Valentine’s Day 2010, 39,897 people in Mexico City broke the record for the world’s largest group kiss.
  • A kiss on Valentine’s Day is considered to bring good luck all year.
  • “The High Court of Love” was established in Paris, France, in 1400 and is the first known official celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day. Composed of 30 women, it dealt with love contracts, violence against women, and betrayals.
  • In 1537, February 14 was officially declared St. Valentine’s Day by England’s King Henry VII.
  • The first recorded Valentine was sent February 1415 by the English duke of Orleans. He sent a love letter to his wife from his jail cell in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt. It is currently on display in the British Museum.
  • Richard Cadbury produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day in the late 1800s.

We Challenge you to make today – February 14, 2017 – a memorable day filled with love and good feeling.  Take the time to add some extra love in your mug or cup with our incredible coffees and teas.  Decorate your morning ORGANO coffee with a love-inspired swirl of chocolate; enjoy heart-shaped shortbread with your morning OG tea —  as a special treat for yourself!

Or – for you OGX fans – sprinkle some OGX Fenix™ Rich Chocolate shake on your popcorn tonight as you snuggle in for that romantic movie!  It’s decadent… without being over-the-top!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at OG headquarters.


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