Now that we spend more time at the computer due to meetings, networking and even socializing, our body may suffer the consequences of bad postures or poor workplace habits. Don’t worry! OGX picked up the best posture routines to keep your back straight, your legs in shape and all your body feeling good while you work.

Total body stretch

Believe it or not, flexibility is a very important part if you want to improve your posture and want to be able to sit right. Why? Your muscles support your every movement, even if you don’t feel them doing the work. 

Before sitting on your desk or even as you wake up, do this stretching routine to keep muscles and joints on point. 

10 Minute Daily Posture

Sitting for too long can change the way your body feels and works. You can start feeling this on your lower and upper back, that’s why, with this routine you can tackle some of those bad habits and develop the flexibility you need to work properly.

10 Minute Yoga

One of the many benefits of Yoga is that you can target certain muscle groups to achieve strength and flexibility in time. In this routine, Adrienne will guide you through some useful exercises for your shoulders, neck and upper back. Perfect for those days when you feel tired and want a refresher.

Lose your stiffness

Sometimes you don’t have much time to do a routine, but you can do it at your desk or in your coffee break! The idea is to stretch, wake up those numb muscles and regain mobility to feel much better through the day. 




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