You need confidence to succeed in the business world, and believe it or not, you can work on it even if you don’t think you have it. Confidence can make or break a new friendship, business relation or deal! ORGANO brings a few tips you can practice so you can build self-confidence and make a powerful impression wherever you go.

Start with your mindset

Confidence is built from changing the way you think: stop thinking about the negatives and shift towards the positives: instead of thinking you’re not “tall enough”, find your strengths and accomplishments and focus on those.  Affirmations based on your good traits work like mantras to use when you’re feeling short. 

Watching confident people and mirroring their attitudes or learning about their mindset can help you shut down those voices in your head that speak of failure, rejection, and pain. Imposter syndrome is the main culprit of a loss of confidence: comparing yourself to others, never thinking you’re enough and striving to please others but you.

Watch this video and learn how we learn about confidence all through our lives and how to prepare your mind to feel more self-assured when stepping out of the comfort zone.



Check your body language

Being confident is also LOOKING confident! Check your posture, gestures and manners and work on them.  Standing tall, with your back straight and without slouching is the first step. Practice power poses like putting your hands on your hips with your elbows wide, or letting your hands fall to the sides and staring at people in the eye. Find your space and own it, you can’t build confidence by hiding in the corner or curling into a ball.

Other factors like avoiding fidgeting or jiggling your legs help, those are anxious responses that make you look nervous instead of relaxed. Use your voice properly, with a good volume and talk at a nice speed.

This TED Talks on self-confidence can really help you on working on those soft skills you can train to become the best.



You can exude confidence  at all moments, even when you’re nervous, sad, or worried.  Watch the signs we just told you about and you’ll see the change in the way people see you and relate to you.



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