UNITE 2022 is coming soon! And we understand that networking is one of the most delicate parts of attending events. Your new contacts can create new synergies for your business and you can get a renewed sense of purpose after having engaging conversations with other Distribution partners. 


But breaking the ice and starting a conversation isn’t always easy! We feel you and that’s why we’ve prepared this list of ideas and icebreakers you can use to get to know your colleagues, make new friends and connections and set yourself for success!

Ask questions that connect

Ice breaker questions can be used in individual or group settings and are amazing to appeal to the human side of people and get to know them! Here are a few question ideas:

– What’s the best part of your day?

– Are you a sunrise, daylight, twilight or night person?

– What are you most proud of in your business?

– What’s the best thing you’ve ever done? 

Use humor

Observation is key when you want to start a conversation, and is also key when you want to break the ice with a person or a group. Make a kind, but funny observation about the energy in the room or how you got there. You can share an embarrassing moment from another event and how you overcame it, share a quirky or strange thing about you (make it light and not cringy). Sharing these funny things can bring you closer to others and start engaging conversations in a nutshell. 

Look around and show interest

Another way to make new friends and acquaintances at events is to pay attention to what is going on and use it as an excuse to start talking. A few ideas:

– Ask “That (food or drink) looks amazing. Where did you find it?”

– Show interest in who others want to see “Are you here to see anyone in particular? I’m excited about ______”.

– Ask for directions to a particular place or stage.

– Ask to be part of the conversation, “You guys look like you’re having the most fun over here. Mind if I join the conversation?”


Simple things can help you become more social and engage better with others in this kind of setting. All you have to do is trust your instinct, listen to others and learn to read the room. We’re sure you’re going to kill it in our next event! 



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