Lockdown is putting us to the test! Not having the proper equipment to perform certain workouts can be frustrating sometimes, but OGX is here to help you! 


There are several ways you can make household items work in your favor. Take advantage of your patio, balcony, furniture, and other items to make your routine work.

Bottles and bags

Anything can work as dumbbells or weights! Heavy books, bottles full of water, bags of vegetables, or even a package of rice can act like them. Get inventive and try to measure them for the ideal weight you usually use at the gym.




Make use of them at home! They are useful to train your legs, glutes, and do starter push-ups or practice your lunges.




Work your back and shoulder muscles! You can try some pull-ups to never miss these muscles and improve your posture in the process.



Yes, the easiest and most convenient tool is you! No equipment, no problem, with this workout you’ll make sure to use every muscle of your body and sweat it all out.




Walls offer the best support and surface to perform some pilates basics: crunches, squats and push-ups. 




You have no excuses! Home can become the best gym during the modified quarantine period, so you better make the most of it and achieve your better self with OGX!



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