Today we celebrate World Environment Day! We all can agree on the fact that we’re going through an environmental crisis and every little thing we do and consume adds up to the problem… or the solution! 

Technology is one of our main allies when it comes to creating consciousness regarding our daily consumption habits, that’s why today we want to share with you some apps you can use to help improve the environment wherever you live and lead a more nature- friendly lifestyle.

Carma Carpooling

Fossil fuel consumption is one of the main issues right now, and you can downsize your carbon footprint by carpooling! This app helps you find other riders and commuters, so you can share and reduce that footprint. 


Get ideas to lead a more environmentally-friendly life with this app! It is full of tips you can apply at home, at the office, while driving… ANYWHERE! 

#Climate also helps you track consumption habits, your carbon footprint, and the overall impact your actions have on climate change. 


Lead a green lifestyle and gain peace of mind with this Forest! It helps you get mindful moments, take you away from your phone so you can use that time in some other useful activities. The longer you remain away from the screen will help a tree grow, not only on your screen but in the real world!  This app has planted over 350.000 trees around the globe.


This app is going to be your kid’s delight! NASA created this game that illustrates in a simple way the many obstacles we have to face to reduce carbon emissions. In it, your kid needs to increase the number of CO2, create clean energy, and deal with transportation issues. Not an easy feat, but a great way to learn more about the many factors that affect our daily lives.


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