You survived the first quarter of the year! The coldest months are over, and the spring equinox marks a new cycle. If you haven’t been consistent with your goals, now is the time to get back on track, start working out, and get into a healthier routine.

If you’ve been persistent throughout the X Challenge and followed a healthy diet and a strict exercise routine, don’t stop now! Keep going, as for sure now you’ve noticed all the benefits of the X4Ever Lifestyle brings to you!

To help you stay active this spring, we bring you five tips on how to set new goals for yourself and how to achieve them.

Set yourself realistic goals

Yes, we all want to be healthy, get on a diet and exercise. But sometimes, we don’t realize the hard work behind such goals. To set out realistic, achievable goals, we first have to know ourselves. Maybe your new goal is to exercise every day. But if you haven’t worked out for a couple of months, your body is not ready for such an intense routine. Maybe a healthier goal would be to exercise every two days. It’s better to work hard on realistic goals than quitting after a few days because you couldn’t fulfill your own expectations.

Create measurable objectives

Put numbers into your goals. If you say “I’m going to lose weight,” but are not setting a specific goal, you won’t be forcing yourself enough to work towards an objective. When you say “I’m going to lose 20 pounds in four weeks,” you know you better start eating healthier and exercising from today onwards because you’re setting a measurable weight and a time limit.

Break down your goals

Let’s say that, at the beginning of spring, you promised yourself you were going to lose 30 pounds for the summer. June comes, and you only got rid of 10 pounds. When setting big goals is better to break them down into smaller goals. Planify and be consistent. Once you have a set goal, like 30 pounds in three months, break them down into each month. Losing 10 pounds per month sounds more comfortable, and you can even divide that into weeks to make objectives even more tangible.

Make the best out of failure

It’s hard to attain to your goals, mainly if it’s the first time for you attempting objectives like the X Challenge. Maybe you worked hard, kept a healthy diet, but it wasn’t enough, and you achieved just half the weight you wanted to lose. Your attitude towards failure depends if you see the glass half empty or half full. You can give up for not achieving a particular goal, or you can be proud of what you did accomplish, analize you weaknesses,  and maybe set a more realistic goal for yourself and try a second time.

Look at your goals as a journey

The X4Ever Lifestyle is not meant to be left aside once you achieved your goals. If you reached your desired weight, set new goals either to lose more or to maintain it. If you feel energized and healthy, don’t quit the diet you created for the last few weeks. Your goals are a journey, not a destination. If you stop, you’ll be at risk of going back to where you started, but only this time, you’ll feel less motivated to do it all over again.

So remember, keep active by always creating new goals to reach. Discover how far you can go by setting realistic but challenging objectives and keep lifting the bar every time things get too comfortable. ORGANO™ is always by your side to give you the motivation you need.

The end of the Shake It Off Promo

Now that the Shake it Off Promotion is over, today is also the time to feature our last winner of the X Challenge: Congratulations Scott Richardson from Minneapolis on setting new goals and sticking to them!
Scott loss 11 lbs with OGX Fenix and he describes the system changed his life with positive results, as he now sleeps better, and feels more energized and focused.

With the X Challenge, he found the passion for giving his best. He learned that he’s actually able to achieve whatever he proposes himself to and this has changed his life. “About a week ago I got a vision in my head of what I can look like when I’ve achieved my ultimate weight loss goal,” he told us, and he is now ready to go for it!
For Scott, the toughest part of the X Challenge was learning to say ‘no’ to unhealthy food. But he knew he had to be consistent and focus on himself. If he wanted to change his life, he had to make a lifestyle change. For him, his biggest obstacle is his himself and his bad behavior.

Luckily for our winner, he learned to find the support to stay focused during the challenge, and most importantly, he learned how to be honest with himself. He finds the Shakes particularly helpful, and he takes them two times a day. He also loves having a FENIX DX always available to prepare it in the car.

For everyone in OGX  trying to FIND their FENIX, Scott recommends: “Be patient with yourself. One bad decision doesn’t have to derail your progress.  Make sure you carry the right stuff with you. Let the Ganoderma change you. It met me where I was at, and it’s taking me to where I want to go. Others want to be a part of the journey, let them in!”

This spring, it comes to support you with the new 30-Day Fuel Your Fenix Kits. Check them out! They give you the extra boost of energy and the inner cleansing you are looking for to fulfill all your ambitions for this season!



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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