We all know it — Ganoderma is a natural work of art. Native to the Wuyi Mountains, it has earned the name of The King of Herbs because the benefits it brings to the body and the sense of wellness it brings to our minds.

From the mushroom to its spores, the many assets it gives to us have been known for centuries. Its properties were described more than 2000 years ago in the Shennong Bencaojing, one of the oldest medicinal plants book in the world. This is why, it has not only become popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also in art.

Today, we bring you some artwork that might inspire you to prepare a cup of your favorite ORGANO™ beverage and head out to your local art gallery.

Man holding ganoderma mushroom







Artist: Chen Hungsho, Chinese painter of the late Ming dynasty.


Date: Between 1599 and 1652

Lingzhi Mushroom carved in jade

Artist: Unknown

Origin: China

Date:18th century

Seated Monk with Basket of Lingzhi carved in bamboo root







Artist: Attributed to the Jiading School of the Qing dynasty.

Origin: China

Date 18th Century

Bucle with Dragons and Lingzhi





Artist: Unknown, from the Qing dynasty.

Origin: China

Date: Sometime in the 18th Century

Drawing of the Ganoderma mushroom in Synopsis methodica fungorum (1803) by the mycologist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon







Coral Base of Female Figure Holding a Lingzi and a Peony Branch.







Artist: Unknown, from the Qing dynasty

Origin: China

Date: 18th Century

Qianlong Emperor Collecting Lingzhi







Artist: Giuseppe Castidlione

Origin: China

Date: Around 1700

Do you still want to see more artworks that depict our beloved Ganoderma? Check out the collections of Sotheby’s and the exhibition at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center, A Mushroom Perspective on Sacred Geography.

We hope you feel inspired and share a cup of Ganoderma with your loved ones, while you show them these beautiful images!



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