Travalla is the new OG vertical for all things travel, leisure and fun. Since it is a platform full of attractive and irresistible offers, we understand that you may have some questions on how to approach certain questions from prospects and clients, that’s why we created this guide to address them!

What makes Travalla different from timeshares?

Travalla offers you the advantages of a timeshare but without the big costs! With it, you just pay your monthly or yearly membership, enjoy the benefits in price and offers and that’s it!

There are several timeshare products where a purchaser pays $15,000 to $50,000 for one week of a condo in a year, or perhaps a week every other year, and that one week comes with a $500 to $1,500 annual fee (Home Owners Association dues) after the large up-front price. The larger the unit, the bigger the fees.

I see there are two websites. What are the differences?

We have two portals right now, the first one is Travel Getaways, where you can access your basic membership and all the packages and offers it has. 

The second one is the Forever Weeks portal, where you will find even more special prices and deluxe offers in villas and other packages. The added benefits to a Forever Weeks membership include: Concierge, enhanced Hotels and Cruises, hot deals worldwide, premier Staycations, fantasy Getaways, Layaway travel programs, Theme Park Tickets, Restaurant discounts, Merchandise savings, and discounts, curated trip packages. 

May I use all of the resorts Travalla has listed?

Everything is available for you! As long as there is space is available. Don’t expect to get New Year’s Eve reservations the week prior to that holiday, or any other major holiday for that matter in a specific location. Plan ahead and in time so you can get the best deals, we can assure you that you will be in great shape for a memorable holiday/vacation.

What makes the Concierge service special in the Forever Weeks membership?

If you need help in creating your vacation experience you can always call the Forever Week Concierges! Our team is willing and able to help you get: 

  • Cruise Getaways, Hot Ticket listings, which include handpicked, specially negotiated cruises, at exclusive prices.
  • Condo Getaway listings showcasing specially assembled resort condos all over the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii and more, all offering outstanding values.
  • Staycation Getaways listings, which include 3-5 night stays at fabulous resort hotel properties at excellent value.
  • Fantasy Getaways listing, which showcases once in a lifetime, or, as the modern saying goes, “bucket list’ type of packaged vacations.  These exciting trips like riding the famous Orient Express, African safaris, Asia excursions, Around the World cruises, and much more.

 All of the Forever Weeks specially negotiated items above may require you to speak with one of our awesome travel specialists, as these vacations are typically complicated itineraries that you may have questions about. 

Travalla is the best way to make memories and have the vacation of a lifetime without hassle. Share the leisure lifestyle with others and become an adventure seeker. 



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