Use positive motivation not negative. Turn a fail into a win. Learn and change from small failures to avoid or to correct a negative trend.

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’m my own worst critic.” And quite honestly it’s most often true. We live in a society that provides enough negative input, there’s no need to add to that with our own negative voice, but we all do it to varying degrees. Out of any area that we do it the most, our appearance and health is likely one of those areas we beat up ourselves the most.


No really, it’s time to stop the negative and flip the switch to being positive. The time to focus on the good is now. Let’s talk about that and some techniques that can help you motivate yourself with positive inspiration.

Using Positive Mantras

This particular topic is a good one for me to remember. I’m a competitive person and I like to succeed. I’m sure this applies to you too, because as an entrepreneur you need that drive in order to succeed in ways that others fail. You understand it takes making an effort toward difficult but attainable goals is a part of your success. But do you push yourself to those goals with negatives of “don’t fail” or “you can’t afford to lose” as your driving mantras? I sure hope not.

Most of us find those great quotes and draw on their inspiration. Maybe you take sticky notes and put up a phrase, quote or even your goals where you will see them often. On that bathroom mirror on the edges of your computer screen. Those are excellent methods for keeping your goals and inspiration and the forefront of your mind. Keep doing that, and use it in other aspects of your life.

Write up a short term weight goal on a sticky note and post it on your scale and mirror. Maybe with the long term goal too, but be sure to put up a weight for this month or week as something you can check off as you get there. Keep that in your focus and maybe add a few things to it that you are going to do each day to get there. Be positive and fiercely determined to do those things each day.

Push Aside Negatives, Build on the Positive

During the months and even years prior to committing to finding my FENIX and the #X4EVER change in my life, it was easy to look in the mirror and get down on myself. How did you get so far away from being at least somewhat active? How did I gain this much weight? The negatives so easily flow getting down on myself. It’s downright depressing. All too often I’d try to use that as a reason to get mad at myself enough to try and start a diet or do some exercise.

It’s all too easy to get down on ourselves about how we look or how much weight we have to lose. That’s not what we need to do. While we know we can do better, and we want to become better, accepting who we are and were we are at, is an important part of that change. We can recognize what we need to work on while also accepting ourselves with a positive attitude. When I had grown to be overweight, I was still happy with a beautiful family and many good things happening in my life. Finding my motivation to change while still recognizing my worth and value in my current state was a big part of my overall commitment.

Using negative as a motivation never lasts. While we might see some short term success, the negative of that motivation will usually win out, and we quickly fall back into old habits again. We do it because those are comforting and easier in the short term. Easier now, is not easier in the long run. So find the positives for your focus, and build on them.

Focusing on positive reasons to make a change in your life can fill your mind and leave no room for the negatives. They can still creep in, in the form of self doubt or uncertainty, but you can quickly push them aside by coming back to those positive reasons and motivations. Be inspired. Becoming a better you is such a wonderful thing, there is much more to celebrate than to lament.

Celebrate Every Success

In the process of becoming a better you, there are always going to be success and failures. While failure is going to happen, it doesn’t need to be our focus. Recognize little or even bigger failures as opportunities to learn from. Evaluate what happened and identify what you can change or avoid to try and not experience that same failure again. Make a commitment to change even just one thing about that failure, and stick to that commitment.

Celebrate every win. Even the little ones. Especially the little ones! Did you meet a weekly goal of losing even one pound? Be happy even if you know that your weight may fluctuate a little in the coming week up and down. The positive energy is addictive and you’ll crave it more and more in a way that will push you to find even more success. It’s so worth it to keep to your plan because those successes are so rewarding.

Realize that change, especially in body weight is a process of ups and downs. Focus on the overall trend of where you’re going and you’ll may be surprised to see that while your weight may go up and down a bit day to day, over time it will trend downward when you stick to your new healthy habits. Keep track of your weight and take those photos of yourself in clothing that shows where you’ve come from and where you’re going. When you look back weeks and months later the change will shock you. And you’ll CELEBRATE that success!

I remember when I went on stage in Tampa, FL at the OG Convention launching the OGX FENIX to the world. I was with a crowd of early adopters of the FENIX shake as an opportunity to lose weight and improve health. At that time I had lost 56 pounds in the previous 2 1/2 months, and I was proud of my short and successful change. When they put my before and after shirtless photos up on the big screen in front of the huge crowd, there was an audible gasp. I didn’t feel self-conscious about how I looked before, because I was so happy about where I had come and what I had accomplished in that time. After the gasp, there was applause as everyone celebrated with me. It was a wonderful moment of shared joy I will always remember.

So make the commitment to become a better version of yourself. Find your WHY and draw on it every day. Use the OGX products, tools and community to help you stay positive and motivated throughout the process no matter how long it takes you to reach your goals. With all of us supporting each other together we can rise together and find our success!



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