September 4th marks the celebration of National Wildlife Day! And there is no better way to acknowledge and celebrate it than by visiting some of the most gorgeous and precious sanctuaries in the US.

Take a tour with Travalla through some of the most emblematic places in the country and appreciate the beauty of the local wildlife. Create your adventure!

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary – Lincolnton, Georgia

This place has been rescuing and fostering horses for over 30 years and is the oldest of its kind in the US. Its 175 acres of terrain hold over 300 beautiful wild horses that roam freely through the property. 

Farm Sanctuary – Woodstock, New York

Live the farm life and enjoy some time with goats, cows, pigs, chickens and even alpacas in this sanctuary dedicated to domestic animals. Most of them are rescued from abuse and slaughter and found a second chance in life at a place where they can receive your love and teach you about balance and peace. Did we say this place is vegan friendly? 


Howling Woods Wolfdog Rescue – Jackson Township, New Jersey

If you want something more on the wild side, this rescue farm might be what you’re searching for. Howling Woods is the home of an eclectic family of abandoned and domesticated wolfdogs. You can visit the facility (by making an appointment) and enjoy a tour and get in touch with these beautiful creatures.


The Wild Animal Sanctuary – Keenesburgh, Colorado

Witness wildlife at its best on this 10.000 acre sanctuary. It is home to diverse species such as lions, tigers, bears, porcupines, alpacas and camels. Over 600 rehabilitated animals call this place home. The best thing about it is that on your visit there will be little intervention and you’ll get to witness their natural behavior. 


Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida

This is one of the biggest sanctuaries when it comes to exotic cats in the world. Big Cat Rescue is the place where lions, tigers, cougars, caracals and other feline species find a home after being abandoned, traded or sold illegally. 


Enjoy a wild adventure, get in touch with your wild side and let Travalla take you to these amazing sanctuaries with your family. We’re always looking after you, even in the middle of this pandemic, that’s why we offer exclusive concierge services and the best hotels and offers to make your vacation unique and safe. 


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