Your core powers your upper and lower body, reason why you need to focus on it a little bit more if you want to get lean and stronger in time. Core muscles give you stability, but also play an important part in the flexibility of other related areas. They even play an important role in your posture. 


OGX curated a few Core exercises you can try at home to improve this area, not only for vanity but for health and strength.


Beautiful Abs



Blogilates brings you this workout focused on strengthening your core to make it look incredible and feel powerful. This is a low impact routine that will make those muscles burn!


30 day Core & Cardio Channel to burn belly fat



Blast the fat from  your belly with this active challenge! Joanna Soh will guide you through some of the most effective movements to achieve the results you want.


6 Pack Abs for Beginners

Chris Heria shows you how, even as a beginner, you can start building abs in a conscious and versatile way. All of these moves are basic, no need for any equipment. Grab your mat, bottle of water and get working.



10 Minute Intense Core Workout

If you have just a few minutes and you want to dedicate them to strengthening your core, this is the routine you need to follow. Josh Kramer will guide you through this pick-me-up class to get a rock solid core in a few weeks.




10-minute Standing Abs workout

You can skip lying on the floor with this workout! Don’t get fooled, you’ll feel the burn. Grab your weights and press play, you’ll feel your abs engaging with each and every movement.




Don’t skip working on your core! Get your ideal body, feel empowered and strong with OGX #X4Ever


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