The spread of COVID-19 in 2020 put a serious dent in most everyone’s travel plans. Whether you planned an extravagant cruise vacation or a short flight to visit family, you most likely had to cancel it and stay inside. For a long time. 

Now that everything has eased up and people are starting to feel a little more comfortable, it might be time for you to revisit the idea of seeing the world. 

Shed yourself of the sweatpants and slip into a swimsuit. Turn off the nature documentary and go immerse yourself in it. 

Hopefully, your 2022 is a little bit busier but let us help you find some of the best places to spend your extra time…



There are hundreds of cruise options for international travel. You could go for a week-long river cruise in Europe or even combine several European river cruises for an extended experience. Try exploring Africa’s national parks and the Nile River. 

If you’re itching for some cool air, try a cruise through the arctic. Maybe you’re looking to stay at sea for longer than a couple weeks. If that’s the case, opt in to a world cruise. There are cruise lines that will take you through the Galapagos in a luxury yacht and others that will sail you across the Atlantic. Some of the cruise lines to check out are Regent Seven Seas or Celebrity Cruises. 


Road Trip 

Maybe you don’t have your sea legs yet and that’s okay. Road tripping is the most underrated and exciting form of travel. Strap into the car with a few bags and channel your inner youth. 

Road tripping is wonderful because you get to stop wherever you find interests. Cutting through Wisconsin? Stop by the world’s largest ball of twine. 

If you’re starting at the southern end of the U.S., spend time in San Diego. There are plenty of restaurants, beautiful beaches and a lively night scene. Maybe you’re down to try some more sleepy beach towns like Butterfly Beach in Montecito, California. 

Looking to see the wine country? Take the highway 1 Discovery Route to see Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, and Edna Valley. Really take in the beauty of California outside of the big cities.

If you are more into the busy city life, take a trip through Los Angeles and see absolutely everything at your own pace, one of the true beauties of a road trip. 


Small Towns

Living in an urban area can become overwhelming and hard to breathe, especially after all the time spent inside. Escaping to a beautiful scenic town with a smaller population can feel like a breath of fresh air. 

Find a quaint Airbnb and enjoy hiking, coffee shops and maybe even some mountain drives in a place of your choosing. Colorado Springs, Colorado has become a beautiful destination for quick getaways. There you will find Garden of the Gods and amazing villages filled with authentic mountain-side shops. 

Colorado too far out of the way? There are stunning small towns located all across the United States that are just in reach. 



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