At first glance it didn’t really seem like Jarrod and Melissa Brennan needed ORGANO™. They’re both successful doctors who didn’t need the extra financial push and lived a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

But that’s the funny thing about ORGANO™ — a lot of people don’t necessarily realize they need ORGANO™ until they discover its true power and potential.

When the Brennans were introduced to the OG Opportunity, they lacked that initial motivation and spark to do what needed to be done in order to work their way up the OG ladder. In fact, it wasn’t until they attended an event in Las Vegas that they finally realized how they could maximize this opportunity.

“We left that event with a completely different mindset,” says Melissa Brennan. “The biggest takeaway we got was that we need to sample more. So, we came home and made it a point to talk to and sample at least two people each day, and sure enough we started to realize the true potential of this incredible opportunity.”

The Brennans needed something to work towards, so they set a lofty goal of becoming Sapphires in just two months. Keep in mind that prior to this point, they had never ranked above Consultant. However, they knew if they had a long term goal in mind, they had something to work towards and keep them on track.

“We didn’t even know if this goal was possible or not,” recalls Melissa. “But we started sharing the testimonies from different OG Distributors and every time we offered a sample of this amazing coffee, people always wanted to try it.”

From there, once they tried it and liked it, we had them purchase a box from us (at retail) and do a 30-day challenge. From there, they loved ORGANO™ so much and couldn’t go back to their old coffee and wanted to know how they could purchase more. At that time, we explained how they could get it for retail, as a Preferred Customer, or at wholesale.”

All of their hard work and commitment to the OG System had them sitting at Platinum Elite on January 26th — just 5 days before their timeline of hitting Sapphire in two months. They were pretty content at reaching Platinum Elite, but their upline Diamonds pushed them to go even further and reach their goals.

Bob and Kelly Rakowski knew the potential the Brennans had and wanted to get the most out of them. Dr. Bob flew into town that week for a seminar and the Brennans invited everyone they knew to attend. As people packed the venue, Dr. Bob delivered what Melissa referred to as a “jaw-dropping seminar”, which had a huge ripple effect on their business.

“Everyone in attendance at this seminar either purchased a pack, upgraded their pack, purchased more product, or left feeling empowered to build their business. With all of this action coming off of one seminar, our business began to grow even more quickly and we broke through 15,900 in volume on January 31st at 11pm — allowing us to qualify for Sapphire and reach our goal.”

When Melissa Brennan looks back on all of the success they’ve had over the past few months, she realizes that it’s not necessarily about WHAT you do, but rather WHY you do it. Her passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle is larger than her fear or concerns of not sharing this life-changing opportunity at all.

“Our job is to get this amazing product into the hands of everyone we know that wants to change their lives for the better. As OG Distributors, we have an incredible opportunity at our disposal — it’s up to us to make the most of it.”



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.  


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