I have to admit, much of my life I haven’t liked the phrase “give 110%” when people are trying to motivate you to do more. What does that really mean to give more than your maximum output? I’ve always been more of a 100% means you are giving everything you have kinda guy. You know when you’ve given it all you’ve got, so shoot for that.

110% sounds to me more like that “this amp goes to eleven” from Spinal Tap for you old timers that know the movie. “Why don’t you just make 10 the loudest?” “Uh, because this amp goes to 11!”

So every time I hear that phrase I just kind of rolled my eyes and translated it into my understanding of just doing my best. Over time though I began to better understand what 110% really could mean to me in reaching beyond my current belief of my maximum output. This is really feeding the underlying meaning of “Go Beyond” and how it can be used to expand our capabilities and reach out to a new potential. Reaching outside of what is is comfortable, doing what stretches us and realizing a new definition of what is our best.

Our capacity is usually only limited by what we believe it to be. We can usually do more than we think, or in other words we can do more when we believe we can. Sure it’s reasonable to know our current limits and not exert ourselves to a point of real pain or injury, but getting outside of what is comfortable requires pushing ourselves to do more. If you want to achieve more, you have to do more. It’s really as simple as that.

While we may say that 100% is really all that’s possible, remember that businesses can grow by well over 100% in any given period of time. It’s all a matter of perspective. We’re not viewing 100% as perfection, because frankly none of us is perfect. You and me, we’re not winning gold at the Olympics or setting records. We’re talking about who we are, our current personal best and what our best might be if we put in the work to get better. 100% of what is the question we should ask. What can we do now, and what might we grow our capacity to do in the future. If the future, improved version of yourself is what you are aiming to build, then working at an effort of what you think you can do now in order to stretch ourselves is, in fact, working at above 100%.

Now when you hear “give it 110%” whether in your fitness, healthy efforts, business or any aspect of your life, hear it a little differently. It’s not just about motivation or some catch phrase, rather it’s about learning to see beyond your current capacity and reaching for just that little bit more. Push yourself and Go Beyond to find new heights and achievements. Make those goals that stretch you and require more effort than what you think right now is possible. Then, when you reach those goals, repeat the process to once again push yourself to give that 110% again and again. The results shouldn’t surprise you, but you’ll love what you see as a result!



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