What is the best time of the day to exercise?

The answer to this is simpler than you think. In fact, it all depends on your energy levels. Not everyone is a morning person or a night owl, and the best time to exercise depends on how you feel throughout the day. However, there are some pros and cons of doing it at different times that are worth exploring to help you make your decision.


Working out in the morning will set your mind to maintain your healthy habits throughout the day. You’ll have a high performance, as your body is fully rested after a good night sleep, and the endorphins produced will lift your mood and energy. The downside is that you might have to wake up early to exercise before leaving home, so make sure to get the right nutrition to avoid feeling tired.


The best way to take a break from the midday rush and to add extra energy to a slow routine is to exercise. You already ate a nutritious breakfast, and probably lunch, so you’ll have the fuel to perform well on your workout. Just as in the morning, time is your worst disadvantage, as you’re probably in the middle of your work or school day. An excellent way to solve this is to have an OGX Nutritional Shake for lunch to save you time and avoid interrupting important activities.


Exercising in the evenings will give you a chance to unwind after a stressful day. With all the energy from the day released, you’ll have a peaceful and well-deserved rest when going to sleep. However, make sure not to go to bed right after your workout, as the endorphins released during your exercise can prevent you from falling asleep for the next hour or two.

While the time of the day you choose to exercise is a personal choice, it’s important to consider some points to keep you performing at your best. First, try to exercise at around the same time every day. That way, your body will adapt to a routine, and you’ll feel ready and less tired during your workout. It is also essential to get the right nutrition before and after exercising to enhance your performance and muscle recovery. The OGX FENIX Kits give you all the energy you need at any time of the day, and until March 31st, you can still find them with up to 30% off their regular price.

Now is your turn to pick the perfect time of the day to live the X4ever Lifestyle!



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