As we celebrate Women’s Month, it’s essential to acknowledge the vital role that women leaders play in our industry. Over the years, more and more women have broken barriers and risen to top positions in their businesses. Today, ORGANO wants to acknowledge the exceptional women leaders who have made significant contributions to the success of our organization. These women have diverse backgrounds and experiences but are united in their passion for ORGANO’s mission and their commitment to bringing the treasures of the earth to the world. Through their leadership, they have fostered a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within the organization, inspiring others to realize their full potential.

Min Mattanin Jarutawai

Diamond– Thailand

Can you tell us about a particularly challenging experience you have faced and how you overcame it?

When I was a child, I was taught to excel academically to secure a good job and expect a good salary in the future. I followed this teaching and graduated with top honors from a prestigious university. I began my career as an IT project manager, earning $735 per month. One day, I was tasked with managing the database for the Bangkok Career Expo, where I discovered the average income for various jobs in Thailand. I learned that it would take over 20 years for me to earn $3000 per month, which made me realize that I needed to make a change. That realization marked the beginning of an exciting adventure with ORGANO to change the status quo.

Can you share with us a time when you took a risk and what you learned from that experience?

When I discovered ORGANO, I had no prior experience in building a successful business. I recalled Denzel Washington’s statement that taking risks is essential to achieve anything worthwhile in life. In order to reach the peak of a mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view, we need to take the first step, even if we may stumble and fall. But, it’s important to learn from our mistakes and move forward. I realized that I needed to develop myself as a person to succeed. This was a challenging experience for me, but I was determined to learn from successful leaders worldwide. I studied how they presented themselves, dressed, thought, spoke, and even walked. I began to work diligently on both my business and personal growth.


How do you define success and what has been your proudest accomplishment to date?

As a female leader, my business grew and flourished with my work. Despite this, I didn’t feel successful until the day my team went on stage to thank me with tears in their eyes. They expressed how I had transformed not only their lives but their familie’s lives as well. Their stories varied from becoming debt-free to no longer worrying about long-term health issues to finally being able to travel the world after never having had a passport before. Hearing these inspiring stories repeatedly made me realize that this was the moment I truly defined my success.

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to make a positive impact in their communities?

I want to share one thing: bravery isn’t about being heroic and overcoming challenges with ease. It’s about facing your fears and doing what needs to be done, even when you’re scared. I hope you continue to radiate positivity and make this year your best one yet!


Nana Chanthanome Phimmachanh

Diamond– Thailand

How do you balance your personal and professional responsibilities?

When I decided to begin my own Organo business it was all in order to achieve time freedom. It’s similar to growing a plant; as long as you water the soil, you don’t need to tend to it every day. I have created a personalized business plan and I am committed to following my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule.


What role do you believe women play in driving positive change and energy in their families and communities?

In my opinion, women possess more competence than people often realize, regardless of physical appearance. I believe that women have a great deal of passion and power to excel in whatever they do, producing exceptional results. Women are intelligent and possess strong leadership skills. Numerous successful women have achieved great success in their careers, maintain strong family relationships, and play important roles in their communities.


Can you share with us a mentor or role model who has had a significant impact on your life and career?

The person who has earned my respect and become my role model is my mother. Despite not being an exceptional or highly educated person, I have learned many valuable lessons from her. She has taught me to take advantage of all opportunities that come my way, and to continuously work on improving myself until I reach my goals. 


What advice would you give to young women aspiring to make a positive impact in their communities?

As a woman, I strongly believe that we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. It’s important to have a positive and fearless mindset when pursuing our dreams. By utilizing all of our abilities, we can create great things and make our aspirations a reality. Through this journey, we can also become leaders in our communities and serve as positive role models for other women around the world.



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